She Stim Electro Touch
She Stim Electro Touch

Sex toy reviews used to be limited to vibrators and the occasional butt plug but the last half decade has seen the range and variety of sex toys increase hugely. One area that was completely unknown to all but the most avant garde of sexual adventurous was electro-sex. Specifically the use of electricity to create and enhance erotic stimulation, and in some cases induce orgasm.

It’s not surprising therefore that you don’t see many sex toy reviews of devices which use electricity to enhance the sexual experience. The first such sex toys were quite industrial looking and aimed squarely at the S & M market, a clientele whose pursuit of new and intense experiences is widely known. In fact using electricity to stimulate yourself or your partner during sex is something that many people would enjoy, it can be as subtle or as intense as you desire and that’s where the She-Stim range comes in.

The Electro Touch Erotic Stimulation kit is the basis of the She-Stim range. It comes in a pink and cerise pouch with everything you need to get you started in electrical sex play. The control box is compact and comes complete with the 9V battery needed to get you started. It has four buttons; On-Off, power up, power down and a fourth to control the 7 patterns of the stimulating electrical pulses. All this fits in the palm of your hand and is fully wipe-clean for ease of maintenance.

You will also find a set of leads and two sets of pads, one square, the other thin strips which allows you to choose the best shape for the area of body to which they are applied.

In addition to the basic kit we were also supplied with a mini electro sex butt plug. This is packaged very attractively in a transparent cylinder. In fact the whole range would look good on the rack at the sex store or if you were to unwrap a present and find it inside. And that appears to be the concept behind She-Stim. Instead of the technical, some would say masculine and often complicated electro sex toys that have come before it the She-Stim range is designed to be accessible to vanilla individuals and couples thereby opening up a whole new range of sensory experience to a wider audience.

Suze volunteered me to test out this sex toy as she has already tried other electrical stimulation products.

Along with the mini butt plug stimulator we were sent a set of penis loops. Made from soft rubber and constructed to make them conductive these are placed on the shaft of your penis and connected to the two outputs of the lead supplied with the She-Stim control box … “She” can therefore stimulate you as well as herself. The loops have simple sleeves which slide and allow you to adjust to any penis size, soft or hard. In fact you can slip them around your scotum if that takes your fancy.

Suze turned on the power and one click at a time increased the power. The steady tingling increased until she could see that I had reached a level I was comfortable with. She cycled through the seven patterns and found a steady pulsing one that suited me. It’s always nice to put yourself totally in the hands of your lover and this is a toy that lets you do that. The transfer of control and expression of trust that conveys is very intimate. We experimented for a while and found the loops a new experience but for me at least not the key to a hands-free orgasm that some people report. Electro sex is a very personal thing.

Next I moved on to the electro sex butt plug and with a little water based lubricant slid that inside. I had attached the leads to it first as to do so with the butt plug in place would have been impractical. Suze again slowly ramped up the power and at first I didn’t feel much, then suddenly I was there. The pulsing pattern she selected and the power level began to take over my ass and it felt like there was a finger inside there probing about, stimulating me. I found this very enjoyable and as Suze laid the control on the bed took my cock in her mouth I could see how the She-Stim can enable all sorts of new possibilities.

She cupped my balls with one hand and grasped my shaft with the other while sucking the head of my hardening cock. The butt plug pulsed away in my ass like a finger seeking out my prostate. I wished I had asked for the midi or maxi plug as this would have sent the stimulating pulse higher and I think, really hit the spot.

However things were happening and Suze broke from her gentle sucking to say. “I can taste you already …” I knew what she wanted so while she continued to stroke my shaft turned off the power with one click, slipped the plug out of my ass and rolled on top of her …

The She-Stim equipment we tested has everything going for it. It’s user friendly and easy to master. The control box is compact and provides total control of your experience with only four controls. So long as you have a partner who is open to new experiences and willing to try something quite different you could even give She-Stim kit as a present, not something that you can say about all sex toys.

Everyone will get something different from electro sex. Some things you’ll like, others you will not, but as the She-Stim range starts with a basic kit and can be extended with add-ons like the plugs an the loops we tested you can grow at your own pace and find out for yourself.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.