Super Silicone Massager
Super Silicone Massager

The Super Silicone Massager from TopCo will look familiar to a lot of people, and with good reason. It is almost the exact same size and shape as a Hitachi Magic Wand massager. However there are a few important differences.

First of all this massager is rechargeable. The Hitachi is a mains powered device that always requires a power socket nearby. This massager frees you to use it wherever you like. Another big difference is that unlike the Hitachi this massager comes with a UK compatible charger. The Hitachi only works on 110Volts and is fitted with a two pin US style plug. Apparently Hitachi have refused to make the Magic Wand in anything other than 110 volts for some reason, go figure. If you live in a country that doesn’t use 110 volts and US style outlets you have to get a power adaptor like the one we have which can get quite hot if you forget to unplug it after use.

The head of the Silicone massager is very slightly bigger than that of the Hitachi. This means that if you are intending to use some of the Hitachi “Pleasure Attachments” with this massager you might find them a tight fit or that they don’t fit at all. You might also want to check that they are chemically compatible because the silicone of this massager may be adversely affected by some of the cheaper Jelly plastic accessories.

One thing that isn’t different is the power of the Super Silicone Rechargeable Massager. It is feels as powerful as the Hitachi we have. Bearing in mind that the device is operated from batteries not the mains this is quite amazing.

The Super Silicone Rechargeable Massager we have is in Purple and Hitachi Magic Wands are predominantly white. Just though I’d mention that.

The box comes with a charger and the massager, but no instructions about how long to charge the device for, or how long it will run for on a full charge. Nor is there a charging light to indicate the massager is topped up and ready to go. This is a really silly omission but we used a bit of common sense and charged the massager for 4 hours before using it.

That seems to have worked as the device has been used several times since it was charged and shows no sign of the power waning. A charge level indicator would be a great addition to this product and we are sure that one could have been incorporated into it.

Now to using the rechargeable massager.

The silicone head of the super silicone massager means that unlike the vinyl finish of the Hitachi it tends to drag across the skin a little. What the manufacturers recommend is the use of a little massage lube to ease its passage across your skin and allow you to use maximum pressure when doing so.

Being a silicone head a water based lubricant is probably advisable as a silicone or oil based product might damage the finish of the head.

The massager has two speeds, both of which transmit deep vibrations into the tissues to which they are applied.

As Suze finds Hitachi intensity stimulation of her most sensitive regions too much we use the massager for relaxing massage which makes a great prelude to sex. Easing away the stresses of the day is very effective way to begin an evening of intimacy. We found that the lack of a cable means this massager is much less restricted than a wired equivalent, you are not constantly adjusting a lead and making sure it doesn’t become tangled.

This vibrating massager is a great alternative to certain other very similar devices and has the added benefit of being rechargeable. It is powerful, easy to use and weighs no more than its mains powered equivalent. Amazing when you consider there must be a substantial battery in the case somewhere. The only improvement we would like to see is a charge indicator so that you know if the massager is ready to rock, and you don’t run  out of power half way through a soothing back rub.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.