Nobessence Intrigue
Nobessence Intrigue

I have always had an interest in Art Nouveau, the pure styles, shapes and organic forms that it takes on, appeal to my sensuous feminine side. I’ve never been one for over embellishment, opting for the simple and functional.

No you haven’t just tuned in to the Antiques Roadshow. Lol

Therefore when I first spotted the wonderful line of hand-sculptured wooden adult toys produced by Nobessence, I just had to own one of my own. As I studied the wide selection of woods and shapes on offer I began to get very excited about the prospect of having my own to display on my coffee table.

You think I’m joking, these toys are so organic and beautiful you could quite easily leave one out by mistake and not worry when your parents turn up. I’m yet to try this theory out, I think I’ll use Alex’s parents a guinea pigs. 🙂

Each toy is made from sustainable wood, finished to a smooth, waterproof and hypoallergenic finish being sealed in a 16 step finishing process. The Lubrosity coatings and processes are the result of years of research and development and meet USP Class IV and VI Medical Standards, so you know there will be no waxes to melt, harmful chemicals or oils to leach out.

And to finish off each toy is stamped with the cutest little Nobessence motif, matching with exquisite white velvet lined boxes which you can see here.

This toy has to be the Roll Royce of wooden toys available on the market today and I don’t care if I get accused of sex toy snobbery. Lol

When my package arrived from the States I wasn’t sure exactly what they had supplied for me to try out. I thought maybe if I was lucky they would supply me with a couple of their lovely toys.

But to my amazement, they actually sent over FOUR! Thanks guys you don’t know just how many happy times I am going to be having over the coming weeks. And of course I will be keeping you all informed out there. 😉

I opened each box in turn and was stunned by the beauty of the products. Each one was individual in colour, grain and knotting. Alex and I just couldn’t wait to remove them from their little boxes and touch them.

This is one thing they make you want to do…touch them. They are so tactile, once you hold one in your hand it feels like it is becoming part of you as it warms takes up the heat of your body. This is where wood stands out from other materials, it can also be used with any lube you desire.

Over the next few days I kept looking inside the boxes and could not make my mind up which one to try first. I was just like a kid in a sweet shop and such a wonderful shop too!

Now finally after days of deliberation, I bring to you my review of the “Intrigue”. Well, I just had to didn’t I, the best feature of all is that this is a double ender. Good times are a-coming. 😉

Alex made his choice and we both made our way to the bedroom, toy washed and in hand. 😉

I wanted to see every moment of Alex pleasuring himself so I lay on my left side, with my left leg bent flat to the bed and my right foot resting flatly on the bed, this gave me good access to my pussy.

We both lay on the bed stark naked, it was a hot day and just right for a bit of naughtiness. The sun illuminated the curtains as we took up our positions on the bed. I had the ideal view of Alex and moistened the tip of the dildo.

I hope I will be forgiven for calling this toy lovingly “my Duckie” because it has a shape resembling a resting duck. When the tip was coated with lube I inserted the smaller beak & head shaped end inside me.

It slipped in nice and smoothly and the rounded end felt good to grip. Once inside I turned the toy round so that the “beak” was rubbing nicely against my g-spot. These toys are designed to give the perfect fit. I could feel the end massaging me as I started to gently slide the toy in and out of me.

Because there is a neck on the dildo I was able to use my own pelvic muscles to move it around inside me, pulling it up and letting it go. Handsfree frigging, what more could I want. 😉 I turned my attention to my bare breasts, something I rarely engage with when masturbating I’m so busy below.

I cupped my left breast in my left hand which was upturned on the bed and firmly gripped and pinched my nipple as I massaged my g-spot with the wooden toy. It felt good and watching Alex was bringing my orgasm ever closer. 😉

There was no doubt about it if I had continued to move the end against my g-spot for another minute I would have been arching my back and coming but I wanted to sample the other end of this wonderful toy.

Applying gentle pressure I pulled the dildo free from me and placed it in my mouth. I ran my tongue over its contours, tasting myself. Alex was now looking at me longingly and I held it out for him to lick. He took one languorous lap at the warm wood and then I wiped dry it ready for my next adventure. 😉

Little did I know the best was yet to come.

I have read about a toy being able to fill you and stimulate the first 10cm of your opening but to be honest I haven’t come across a toy which has been able to fully stimulate in this way yet. Many were good but not the sensation I’d been hoping for. This was the one that finally hit the mark!

As I started to push it between my pussy lips I could feel them stretch as I accommodated its girth. It felt just like Lex Steele must feel. Lol My vaginal muscles were stretched nicely as I took in its 11cm of length (overall length is 24cm, *gulp*), then my muscles firmly clamped together as I reached the toys neck. A very arousing sensation…

My nipple was now firm, hard and pulsating in my fingers. I rolled it between my thumb and index finger. Ouch! I did it a bit too hard. Firmly I alternated pinching and rolling as I worked the bulbous end in and out of me rapidly. The wood was warm and stimulating my opening beautifully, just like a big fat cock fucking me hard and fast. Just the way I like it.

I’m fucking, fucking and Alex is getting closer and I feel my body about to explode with orgasmic energy. My toes tingle, my fingers join in. Alex is moaning and…

The next thing I know I’m flat on the bed with my pussy spasming and Alex…

Find out how Alex and I reached the point of bliss together you’ll have to read his review of the “Romp” coming soon.

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