Power Wand Vibrator
Power Wand Vibrator

Sex toys don’t have to be expensive or complicated to be effective. Indeed simplicity and ease-of-use can be the key to a great experience when you’re making love, or just enjoying a toy on your own. You don’t want to be fiddling with complex controls or have to play around with lots of wires and straps if all you want is to enhance your sexual experience.

That’s exactly what I found with the Power Wand.

We’ve used lots of vibrators and many with far more sophisticated designs than the Power Wand. We could have reviewed it as a vaginal vibrator, and I’m sure that as a discrete, powerful vibe for the lady about town to pop into her handbag it will do a great job, at least as a clitoral stimulator because of its substantial power. However I decided to use it anally, on myself, while Suze was cooking lunch on Saturday.

The vibe is made from a hard plastic with a slightly bulbous head and a second bulge half way down. The insertable length is 11cm, and the maximum diameter 2.7cm. While the vibe is rigid the surface is finished in what is described as “soft touch” and it is very pleasant to hold. Oh yes, they come in pink and black variants, functionally identical.

The base is chromed plastic and rather spoils the look of the toy as it looks a bit cheep. However it seems constructed to a perfectly adequate standard and for a budget vibrator this is hardly a major criticism.

There are seven speeds/pattern modes, controlled by the triangular button on the base. You can turn the Power Wand off at any time by pressing the adjacent circular button. Batteries are included, so when this toy drops onto your doormat you’re ready to go.

Because I was using the vibe anal I used plenty of water based lube and gently worked the vibe inside me as I lay on my back on the bed, towel placed under my buttocks. The vibe is only short, so even though it’s entirely rigid I was able to insert it’s full length into my ass with no problem. Operating the controls in that position was a little interesting, but possible, and the shaped, raised, buttons made doing this “blind” very easy.

The clandestine nature of my “me time” and the fact that even on the first setting the Power Wand had my balls tingling with its vibrations, meant I developed a “semi” very quickly. Stroking my cock with one hand and cycling through the different settings with the other (rather awkwardly, laying on it) I found that as usual I was more stimulated by pulsing settings than by even the most powerful constant one.

I became aware that by the time I had traversed the full range of the Power Wand’s repertoire of vibrations twice I had a raging hardon.

I grasped my cock harder and brought myself to orgasm, about half way through the Power Wand slipped out of my ass, but left me tingling so I was in no mood to interrupt my masturbation and slip it back in. The glowing storm in my groin gathered pace and then exploded, muscular spasms covering my stomach with cum.

Suze wants to try the Power Wand on her clitoris and because of the hard, smooth and easily washable design of this toy it can be easily and hygienically cleaned for use by your partner. NB: it’s splash-proof, but not waterproof so a little care is needed.

The key to this toy is the power it packs. The design is not inspired, but the strength of vibration is what makes it worth owning. If you love to feel a powertool working on you this could be the vibrator for you.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.