Lelo Lily
Lelo Lily

I opened the classy black box to reveal the most delightful, purple plaything. To my surprise the Lelo Lily kindly wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. Which meant that it would be a) easier to carry around and b) more discreet. The handy little black satin drawstring bag helps to disguise the functionality of this adult toy.

The Lily has a wonderful feel to it, making it very tactile being made from PC-ABS. The Lily is a chargeable toy and takes up to 2 hours to charge and then provides up to 7 hours of pleasure. What a small price to pay! 😉

It can be left on standby for up to 90 days, so you can go back to it time and time again and believe me you will.

Some facts for those of you who like to know:

  • The Lily is 75 x 36 x 25mm in size
  • It weighs in at just 40g
  • Its frequency is 80Hz, I didn’t know what this meant either but apparently it means that it vibrates at a rate of 80 cycles per second. Wow!
  • It is very quiet, being less than 80 dB
  • Best of all it has variable speed settings

Because my lunch breaks can be pretty glum these days with the dull dark days I thought I would secrete this little delight in to my glove box for lunchtime. I usually drive off down the road to the local café to pick up a sandwich at lunch and sit and eat it in my car.

The problem with this is it only takes me about 20 minutes to drive to the café and eat, so what should I do with the other 40 minutes? Have a bit of girlie fun that’s what. I’m not one for wasting valuable time and I wanted to try this little vibe out on my own. I wanted to indulge myself. After all Alex can read this and find out exactly what I got up to on Friday lunchtime. 😉

I went to the café, ordered a ham and pickle breadcake and retuned to the car. I turned on radio one and listened to the latest music whilst eating my dinner. All the while my mind was on dessert. Lol

My car was parked in its usual spot just behind a housing estate in the parking bays, with no direct onlookers. It has turned quite cold over here and I had my black lamb’s wool sweater and black trousers on, warm and cuddly.

I retrieved my Lily from the glovebox and it was a little cold as the ambient temperature was about the same as a penguin’s beak. It could not possibly go anywhere near to my bits and pieces like that. I decided to push in inside the right cup of my bra, it was warm in there. 😉 It was like inserting a cold chicken fillet inside, it nestled perfectly against my warm breast.

Radio One blasted out the latest track from The Reverend and The Makers and I waited whilst doing a bit of an upper body dance in the car. Nobody watching so no need to feel inhibited. Lol

When the track had finished I removed the Lily from my bra cup and undid the button on my trouser waistband, enabling access in to my panties. With a few clicks of the button I had fired the Lily in to life, it was vibrating so fast that I was finding it hard to hold. Lol I placed the Lily with the vibrating tip teasing my clitoris. The natural curve of the Lily enabled it to sit close to my pussy.

I pushed back in to my seat and raised my hips, pushing the Lily more firmly against my clitoris. It had now worked its way between my labia and I was quite literally buzzing. The extra pressure afforded by my trousers against the Lily was adding to the pleasure. I could feel my clit swelling with every vibration.

My eyes were now closed and I didn’t care who walked past my car. The windows were steamed but I was alone and you could see my hands. Lol The Lily can be inserted inside your pants and provide you with the most arousing of sensations.

With very little clearance between me and the steering wheel I started to buck and grip my buttocks together. My feet were flat to the floor of the car and my ass was now lifting from the seat with buttock clenched. Fuck…

The combination of being outside in my car and feeling that vibe working on my clit sent me to seventh heaven as I came with back arched and ass off seat. I twitched as my orgasm washed over me and then collapsed in to my seat.

When I finally came round I couldn’t see a thing through the windows they were so heavily steamed but I had enough time to demist before heading back to work. I placed my wet and heavily scented Lily back inside the glove box, wrapped in toilet tissue. My panties would just have to dry out on me during the afternoon.

“Did you have a nice lunch?”, I was asked on my return…

…what do you think?

The Lelo Lily is a beautiful device, to look at, handle and to use. Lelo refer to their products as object d’art and they truly are. And unlike other beautiful things they do more than sit on your coffee table. The Lily would make a wonderfully indulgent present this Christmas for you or your partner.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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