Nexus Femme Cadence Vibrator
Nexus Femme Cadence Vibrator

The Nexus Femme Cadence is presented in a very feminine purple mock flock wall paper sleeve embossed with the name in the center.

One side asks “Have you found your rhythm?” and the other gives multilingual bullet points on the features.

The base gives a summary of the potential of the Nexus Cadence along with an image of the contents of the box.

Once the sleeve is slipped off you are presented with a matt black box with the same logo as the sleeve.  The internal packaging is sturdy and the lid is magnetically closed on to the side of the box, complete with ribbon tab to aid opening.

The Cadence is seated in a black velveteen former which lifts out to reveal a User Manual which you can be easily read without a magnifying glass.  A bonus for me because I can never find mine when I need it. 🙂  Also a USB charging lead and a satin lined velvetine drawstring storage bag.

This vibrator is unlike any other in that it offers both a vibrating clitoral stimulator and a “stroker” tip to the main shaft.  Stroker is the best description for the movement which takes place.  The tip features an internal moving part which should massage your g-spot.

I’ve only ever seen one other massager which works in a similar way and that is the Sassy from Je Joue.  I’m interested to see if the internal massage is as good as it looks.  😉

So let’s get on with things.  Lol

The Nexus Cadence offers…

  • A USB rechargeable and ergonomically shaped stimulator.
  • Is waterproof for some showertime fun.
  • Features a pronounced curved shaft for g-spot stimulation.
  • Offers 3 x speeds for the stroker and 6 x vibration settings for the clitoral stimulator.
  • Has a 3 x button control panel with independent On/Off for a quick finish should you be disturbed.  😉
  • Has an insertable length of 12.5cm and a diameter of 3.5cm at its widest point.
  • A 2 hour charge will provide up to 4 hours of play.

When charging the LED light in the base will change to red until the charge is complete when the control buttons will glow white.

Mine has been charging while I was telling you all about it so I’m off to put the Cadence through its paces. Catch you guys later.  😉

The Cadence has a slim shaft which made it slip inside me with ease.  Once in place I could feel the head of the stimulator come in contact with my g-spot whilst the clitoral stimulator rested against me clitoris, firmly but not uncomfortably.

I pressed the On button and the Cadence sprang in to action.  The first thing which occurred to me was just how noisy this stimulator is.  It’s not one you should try and use for a crafty quickie when you have guests.  Lol

Having maxed up the clitoral stimulation I focused my attention on the massaging tip inside me.  It was on the first speed setting so I maxed that too.

Now on maximum massage setting I was aware that it was there but it wasn’t exactly rocking my world.  So I added a little motion to the shaft, moving it round in a circle which enhanced both the internal and external capabilities of the Cadence.

But unfortunately the lack of stimulation internally coupled with the noise levels wasn’t doing it for me.

I’m not sure if making the shaft’s stimulation point larger would increase the potential to bring me off but it may be something Nexus consider in the future.

If you have a tendency to be sensitive both internally and externally you would possibly find this the best thing since sliced bread but it wasn’t for me.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.