Key Comet Wand From Jopen
Key Comet Wand From Jopen

I first spotted the Jopen Key Comet Wand whilst over at the eroFame show in Hannover at the end of last year.  Californian Exotics had a very impressive stand and I was immediately drawn to the collection of “Key” products which were displayed at the front of the stand.

It took me a while to source them in the UK because they have only just hit the stores over here but at long last I can now hold the Comet Wand in my hand.

This dildo is unlike any other I have seen in my years of adult product testing and believe me I’ve tested quite a few over the years.

Having missed the postman’s delivery I collected my dildo from the sorting office and couldn’t wait to open the white padded envelope to get to my prize.

I slipped out the sleek box within which was another, nicely branded and emblazoned with the product image and instructions on use.  Within the outer packaging was a flip top box containing the Comet Wand nestled in a high density foam liner.

Despite the packaging being well thought out in terms of design the actual quality of the packaging wasn’t going to endure much wear and tear and the storage pouch wasn’t of very good quality.

It all depends where your priorities lie, do you want a recyclable, green package or one which will withstand usage and serve for good storage?  However the Key Comet Wand is gorgeous.  🙂

The Key Comet Wand is a fusion of silicone and glass, resulting in a very classy looking pleasure object.  And a functional one, the curved shape of this dildo coupled with the bulbous head promises great g-spot contact and stimulation.  😉

Jopen Key range promises quality of materials and durability which inspire creativity but before I put the glass and silicone Comet Wand to the test here are the probing details.  Get what I did there?  Lol  Ok, I’ll stop.

The Jopen Key Comet Wand offers.

  • A durable dildo crafted from durable glass coated in velvet touch body safe silicone.
  • An ergonomic shape which is comfortable to hold and use.
  • Accurate g-spot targeting is ensured by the sleek curve of the shaft and large rounded head.
  • Temperature play is easily achieved by either warming under the warm tap or chilling in the fridge.
  • Cleansing is a breeze, simply wash with anti bac soap and dry with kitchen towel.

NOTE: this product must only be used with water based lubricants.

So for the acid test, how would my Key Comet Wand perform in the bedroom…

As the snow fell and softly landed outside illuminated by the street light I pulled the curtains together.  It was cold for the first time since Winter descended upon us, it’s been unseasonally warm for January and the chill had to hit at some point.

With the soft white fall comes the silence, for some reason all sound is dulled by the presence of snow no matter how little falls.  And for some reason I felt in a very snugly but randy state of mind.

I made my way to the bathroom to warm my Comet Wand, the glass felt particularly cold as I held it in my hand and it wasn’t going anywhere near my nether regions.  Lol  A few minutes under the warm water and it was lovely and warm.

After disrobing I slipped under the duvet clutching my prize firmly in my hand.  It’s a while since I last played with a dildo, everything is mechanised now going manual is really going back to basics.  😉

This dildo looked like it needed assistance so I applied a small blob of lube to the tip to aid pentration and lowered my wand down to my groin.  As I pushed against my labia forcing them to split I became aware of the weight of this dildo.

The application of pressure eased the tip of the Comet Wand inside me and once penetrated the shape aided the natural pull of my vaginal muscles.  Once nuzzled inside me I was more than a little aware that my g-spot was being massaged.

I attempted to add to the sensation by moving the dildo in and out of me.  Mistake!  The curved shape of this dildo doesn’t facilitate the normal in/out motion, you have to use the curve and pull towards your groin in an arc.

Once you had discovered this action the rest is history.  All you really need to do is move the Key Comet from side to side to achieve a g-spot orgasm.  The shape and fit of this dildo requires so little input from the user which makes it an effortless toy and one which made me want to pee.  A sign that you are experiencing g-spot stimulation.

This movement was also massaging my clitoris and with very little time and effort I found myself bearing down as my orgasm manifested itself in a toe curling release.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Key Comet Wand as it fulfilled everything I wanted from a dildo twice over.  The shape and fit was perfect for me and can be compared to the vibrating version the Ophoria Beyond vibrator.  These guys have certainly done their research in terms of pleasure configuration and it shows.

I’m sure this dildo would work for moderate to experienced users but is certainly one to aspire to if you are a beginner.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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