Tanya Tate Fleshlight
Tanya Tate Fleshlight

The Tanya Tate Fleshlight Girls masturbator is part of the wider range of Fleshlight Girls by perhaps the world’s most famous branded maker of male sex toys Fleshlight. As with all the other Fleshlight Girl masturbators this sex toy has a hard pearlescent plastic case in which a flesh-coloured soft isomer insert is placed. For connoisseurs of Fleshlights I’ll mention here that the Fleshlight girls still come in the classic, original Fleshlight case, not the newer and much classier looking case that was launched last year.

Unscrewing the larger of the two caps reveals Tanya Tate’s signature moulded into the plastic and the Fleshight itself modelled on her pudenda. I did consider getting a video from our collection of porn to see if the shape of the Fleshlight was a true representation of the porn star’s pussy but somehow it didn’t seem polite so I will simply say that from memory it does look pretty accurate.

Internally the Fleshlight is of a ribbed variety, the “Lotus” sleeve as far as I can tell. I say that because the one I have seems to be a Lotus but it’s difficult to tell without cutting the sleeve in half and doing that would make it somewhat difficult to test afterwards. Checking out the booklet that accompanies the Tanya Tate Fleshlight seems to indicate that each Fleshlight girl now has her own internal profile so I suppose this could be the Tanya Tate Fleshlight’s unique contours. Though even without having experienced the lovely Miss Tate myself I’m pretty certain she herself is not internally ribbed quite like this. LOL

Update! Thank you to Tanya Tate for pointing out that the insert has identifying letters moulded into the end furthest from the opening. Mine has “LT” for Lotus on it, I was right 🙂

Either way I have a Fleshlight to test so let’s get on with this review.

One of the things I do like about all Fleshlights is their length. Cheaper male masturbators, particularly the stroker type of masturbator use the inherent elasticity of the materials from which they are made to accommodate, shall we say, the larger gentleman. Some only aim to stimulate the tip of the penis and are far too short to accommodate the length of even an average size erection. Now this is great if that’s what you like and don’t want stimulation along the length of your penis and even around the base and scrotum. With a Fleshlight almost every guy can bury themselves ball deep in the simulated pussy of their choice.

Fleshlight supply three sachets of lube compatible with the soft isomer insert in your Fleshlight Girl masturbator. Any good quality water based lube will do of course and silicone/oil based lubricants are a no-no as they will damage your Fleshlight.

In use the Tanya Tate Tate Fleshlight performs well with the Lotus internal contours providing very good stimulation that pulls and sucks at your cock as you pump away. It’s not a natural feeling experience like the one that you find in the Venus Clone masturbator but from a pleasure perspective I found it just as good and for my personal taste the best full sized Fleslight insert I’ve used.

Externally Tanya’s soft lips are well modelled and inviting, enveloping you and nestling satisfyingly against your pubis when you are fully inserted into the toy. The suction provided by this Fleshlight, as with other models is controlled by unscrewing and tightening the cap on smaller end of the case to suite your preference.

After use cleaing is easy with the three-part hard case and isomer insert all wash separately before air-drying and reassembly for storage. Fleshlight recommend you wash the toy, then apply some of their toy cleaner, then their restorative powder to return the toy to its “original condition”. One tip. Fleshlights come supplied with a hard plastic tube inside the insert to ensure it is delivered without any distortion. So don’t be surprised when you find this when you clean it before first use.

This Fleshlight was supplied with a VStroker, a device that allows you to interact with content from the VStroker.com website in the form of videos made by each of the Fleshlight girls and also with a PC virtual reality sex game and an online community called “Red Light Center”. I’ll be covering that aspect of the toy in a separate review as it applies to any Fleshlight – so it can be regarded as a separate upgrade for those of you who already own a Fleshlight.

In summary. This is one of the better Fleshlights I’ve tested because of the Lotus insert. If you’ve a fan of Tanya Tate you’ll not be disappointed when you slip yourself inside this copy of her famous pussy.











By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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