VStroker For Fleshlight
VStroker For Fleshlight

The VStroker is a device that enhances the experience of using your Fleshlight. The Vstroker allows users to interact with web-based content while masturbating using any Fleshlight and become more immersed in the experience of self-pleasure.

There are three ways to do this:

  • Download a video
  • Download a virtual game
  • Interact with an online adult community

The first option is easiest so I tried the Tanya Tate Fleshlight I was sent with this. I downloaded the 600 meg interactive video content featuring Victoria Ray. The downloaded package consists of a Windows/Mac application which allows you to navigate the content and the video itself.

The start of the video is an introduction where Victoria Ray tells you what a “cock worshipping slut” she is followed by 8 interactive scenes and a final cum shot sequence. In each of the interactive scenes the POV video has Victoria Ray sucking your virtual cock or being screwed by it in various positions. The interactive element is that the speed with which you pump the VStroker enabled Fleshlight on your cock changes the speed of the video.

The second method of using the VStroker is “Virtual Sex Villa” a virtual game enabled for Vstroker fun. The download is 400 Meg and proclaims proudly “no adware, no spyware, no viruses”. It’s a sad reflection on the state of parts of the adult web that it has to state this on the download page.

Finally you can choose to join “Red Light Center”, a “3D virtual world with 6 million users”, with a downloadable client of only 13 Meg.

All the site content and extra features are subscription based after your first seven days of being registered on the VStroker.com site, so unless you intend to stick with the original video bear in mind this cost when you buy a VStroker.

Installation of the video content was easy, as was the driver installation for the VStroker itself. There’s a mini CD in the box too that allows you to sign up for “tokens” for “interactive shows” at StrokerSex.com. I duly entered my email address but no confirmation email has arrived – though the clock on the software is counting down and indicates just over 2 days to go until, erm, launch?

That’s all the features, how does it work. Well, it works, ish. The unit I had seemed determined to lag behind the action on the screen or perhaps the other way around if you see what I mean. Perhaps it would be better to say that as I was going in, the cock on the screen was going out and vice versa, especially as the speed of my strokes increased. This was weird and threw me somewhat. Now that might have been my unit, the software setup or something like that but there is a bigger problem that only occurred to me when I thought about all the uses a Fleshlight is put to. I played with the sensitivity slider under the video but still found that the tech really doesn’t match up to the marketing.

Some Fleshlight users jam the unit between pillows or under a mattress so they can thrust in and out. So in this mode of use the Fleshlight and the VStroker don’t move and your on-screen partner starts to complain “Why did you take your cock out of my pussy?”

I would love to say that the VStroker enhanced the experience and made me feel immersed in the content provided by VStroker but sadly it did quite the opposite. The timing issues that arise while the Bluetooth dongle and software try to keep up with the movements of the Fleshlight/VStroker combination make the whole experience disorientating at best and at worst hugely irritating. It’s difficult to imagine how an online interaction with another VStroker enabled sex toy user will be any better with the inherent latency in two Bluetooth connections, software and the Internet lag.

I can’t recommend the VStroker from my experience of it and recommend you enjoy the rest of the Fleshlight range without it until things work a little better.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.