Jimmy Jane Form 6 Vibrator
Jimmy Jane Form 6 Vibrator

JimmyjJane Came To Play

Since the Form 6 first caught my eye it has been a small object of desire for me, you just know when something looks good enough to…

I know this toy has probably been reviewed more times than you can imagine but I’m not sure how many British girls got the chance.

I make a habit of not reading anyone else’s reviews, therefore keeping mine original through, thorough and hopefully giving a bit of me in each. 😉

When the parcel was delivered I opened it there and then, even though I was due to go to work within minutes. This vibrator is rechargeable and come complete with its own charging stand, so no batteries to contend with.

It is recommended that you charge the toy for at least 8 hours on first charge. At this point I will warn you that the older charging units like the one I had are the worst I have ever come across, you have to be so precise in alignment of the contact points that it is bordering on ridiculous.

Alex tried several times, we were at the point of giving up and calling the unit faulty when we got the charge indication on the Form6 and we did manage to charge it in the end. Phew! I will also point out that Jimmyjane have addressed these issues and I believe now have an improved version.

Right lets get on with the review …

…The Form6 is unlike any other vibrator that I have used. It comprises of two vibrating nodes, a small one at the tip and a larger one at the base and these can be speed controlled independently which I think is unique. The end buttons control the speed of the nodes whilst the middle button cycles through 6 different vibratory patterns.

This vibrator feels solid and of quality in the hand and the medical grade soft silicone coating gives it a nice tactile feel. The Form6 is 17.78cm in length and at its widest point 4.44cm. There is a nice organic feel to this vibrator and it sits nicely in the hand.

Alex was keen to watch me using the Form6 and lay on the bed next to me slowly jerking his cock. We were both wearing a t-shirt and nothing else, it was a warm day and one of the best we have had since last year.

I applied a little water based lube to the tip of the Jimmyjane F6 and held it in my had to warm it for a moment, it struck me that it wasn’t quite at body temperature. Within minutes it was as warm as me and I encircled my pouting opening, ensuring that my labia were lubed.

Then I slipped it inside me. Having run through the modes and speed settings previously I was already clued up to the modes I may like best. Nothing like good preparation. 😉 I pushed the vibe inside me up to where the operational buttons are. I must admit it did concern me that the buttons may be out of use once the F6 is in use. If you get my drift.

That wasn’t the case, I found that the shape and size of the vibrator meant that it curved just deep enough inside me to sit against my g-spot and the girth of the toy was ample obviously filling as it sat inside me.

I pushed the mode button once and the continuous mode kicked in, I cycled through the speeds but I wanted something less constant and predictable. I found that in the next mode, the Oscillation mode. I adjusted the speed of both the large and small nodes, making the internal one faster and OMG! Did that feel good.

Rather than the hum drum inline beating of the two independent vibratory points, I was encountering independent pulses through my pelvis. A perfect combination which was bringing me close to orgasm.

Alex knows me so well, he placed his hand on my right inner thigh whilst not loosing sight of his own orgasm, as he worked his cock. He was now laying on his back, with his manhood pointing proudly skyward and I suddenly became aware that he would probably want to stick that in me. 😉

But not yet I wasn’t ready to give up this delicious feeling of decadence as the F6’s vibrations reverberated around me. I crossed my legs and let go of the end of the vibe, just letting it sit between my thighs.

I glanced over to Alex who was wanking his cock with more gusto now and then back at my hard nipples penetrating the cotton of my white t-shirt, aereolas clearly visible. That did it…Fuck I was now coming and jittering before Alex’s eyes, breath held, thighs clenched.

My orgasm had taken my breath away and flushed my body with blood, I was hot sated and slightly exhausted.

Alex pushed himself between my legs, taking hold of the Jimmyjane Form6 and turning it off.

The power of the Form 6must not be underestimated and considering that it is very, very powerful it makes little noise in return. I only have a couple of criticisms the first being that the push buttons aren’t very responsive and I felt that I was pushing them a little hard and that tricky charging base unit. However the buttons are sturdy and will take some pressing and the base unit problem looks to have been addressed in newer models.

This one has certainly got a reservation in my bedside drawer.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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