NexusG Play
NexusG Play

The Nexus G-Play is the smallest butt plug I’ve ever used. It’s designed to be unisex, and simple to use.

The Nexus G-Play is made from ABS plastic, covered in a silicone moulding that’s finished in a soft, silky texture that’s smooth and nice to touch. It’s as simple as vibes get, one speed and one AAAA battery which is provided with the toy. The battery is insert into the base of the toy next to the on-off button.

Inserting the toy is very easy for anyone, even anal virgins because of its small size, being only 2cm across at its widest point.

As with all silicone sex toys I’d recommend plenty of good quality water based lube.

I slipped in the Nexus G-Play for a bit of solo fun. Suze was otherwise engaged writing for one of our other sites and left me to it.

As I’ve alluded to, the toy slid in easily once lubed and operation is simple because there is only one speed. The button that turns the vibrator on and off could perhaps be a little larger and more easily locatable by being more prominent than the gentle dome shape it has. However that’s a minor criticism as you can find it by sliding your finger slowly across the base of the toy when it’s inserted.

When the toy’s inserted you feel its presence, but don’t feel stretched. The shape of the G-Play allows the muscles of your anus to hold it in place but doesn’t directly stimulate the male G-Spot. You get a sort of secondary, gentle stimulation by tensing the muscles of your ass and therefore improving transmission of the vibrations. When you do clench you can feel a sensation like a wasp buzzing against your sphincter and up inside your ass.

Out of habit I let myself relax, most anal toys require you to do this though this one is so petit that I suppose the relaxation stage isn’t really necessary. I was naked on our bed gently playing with my cock.

I lay back thinking of Suze in her PVC bra and soon found myself in possession of a healthy erection. I stroked myself gently at first and then harder and faster. The buzzing from the Nexus G-Play butt plug was a pleasant accompaniment to my masturbation. As I approached orgasm the vibrations were more intense with each involuntary tensing of my muscles.

That increase in stimulation spurred me on and I ignored any urge to extend my masturbation and therefore intensify my orgasm. The feeling of clenching the butt plug inside me added enough to the experience anyway.

I felt the pumping begin and gasped as the jets of semen spurting across my stomach and chest were accompanied by the most intense sensation yet as my sphincter muscles grasped the G-Play butt plug in an iron grip.

This sex toy can be used by men and women, just as promised by Nexus. It could be a way to get started with anal play especially if you’re looking for a real beginner’s device that is going to make its presence known without taking over your first experience.

The vibrations could have been a little more intense, but in a small toy that would have taken some quite expensive engineering and consumed batteries very fast so in practical terms the vibration is as intense as you could reasonably expect and maybe as hardcore as you’d want for your first explorations into anal sex toys. The G-PLay does come in three sizes too, this being the small version. So if you feel a little more adventurous you could order the medium or large.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.