Paul and Paulina Vibrator
Paul and Paulina Vibrator

Big Green And Dangerous.

Fun Factory are renowned for the innovative and interesting products and thus have become one of my favourite to test drive. I spotted the Paul and Paulina “twist and shake” when I was looking around Get Me Pleasure’s site for something interesting to try out. Incidentally I think I’ve had him…

Paul that is, though he didn’t look like this. Lol

This rabbit vibrator, unlike some is based on, well not a rabbit…but earth worms. We are so used to seeing the typical rabbit formed rabbit, this one is slightly different and good but I’ll get to that later.

I’m a gardener, so whether the shape is based upon an earth worm or a cuddly caterpillar makes no difference to me being a child of the earth. In fact as I write this looking at my new toy it all becomes apparent, these are cuddly little worms climbing out of an apple…silly me. Lol

What matters to me is if the toy works for me and hits the right spot.

The Fun Factory Paul and Paulina is a little more than it appears

Powered by two powerful motors to indulge your every need
It is powered by 4 x AAA batteries
Constructed of 100% medical silicone and body safe
Featuring internal rotating pearls for stimulation with excellent g-spot massage
There is variable and independent control of both the clitoral stimulator and the vibrator
The rotating shaft is bound to reach that erogenous zone
A pleasurable 19.05cm x 4.44cm at its widest point 🙂

To look at this vibrator you would want to make it your pet more than use it but you would be so wrong.

I took Paul and Paulina to bed with me and I must say that the idea of hopping in to bed with another couple sounded a little daunting but exciting at the same time. Alex had gone to work this morning quite early and had awoken me rising out of bed.

The previous night we had fucked in to the early hours I don’t know how he managed to stumble out of bed. As he kissed me on his way out of the house I was only just awake but as his car pulled away from driveway I awoke almost as an automatic response to him leaving.

It was far too early for me to get up, he was driving to a customer down south. I tried to get back to sleep and wake later in time for my normal alarm call but to no avail. After tossing and turning for a few minutes I decided to turn on the television. After all I was more or less awake, if a little sleepy.

Whilst watching the BBC1 Breakfast News with Bill Turnbull for a few minutes I started to become a little randy. Not particularly thinking about Bill but I was reminiscing on the night before, still wet. 😉

I gently rubbed my clit with my middle right finger and began to heat up. 😉 It felt good but I needed something more. At that point I remembered my Paul and Paulina sitting waiting for my invitation to be joined in the bedroom in my bedside drawer.

The cat was trying to lie on top of me so I made haste in directing him to Alex’s side of the bed. Fuck off! He is so nosey he lay next to me whilst I pressed the on button and wound the shake, which fired the clit vibe in to play.

Being wet from the night before aided the vibes insertion and as soon as it fell in to place that powerful clit vibe had me squirming. That was just an aperitif I turned the dial for the vibrator and it started to work on my g-spot. Not only did it massage my vaginal wall but the power of the rotating massaging head also moved the clit vibe in rhythm.

Oh FUCK! The combined effect of both heads on the Paul and Paulina working their magic on me was something else. I began to buck in auto response and the cat leapt off the bed. Lol I was so in to it that I hadn’t realise I was probably pissing him off.

Then again did I care! I wound both dials up full and challenged the vibrator to do it’s worse. My toes curled and my buttocks dug deep in to the mattress as the pelvic shift helped me reach that Nirvana.

I almost felt guilt at laying there fucking myself whilst others including Alex were out there earning cash and then thought fuck it you only live once.

All I can say is a threesome can be so much fun! 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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