Penthouse Dainty Delight Review

Dainty Delight

Dainty Delight

Sunday’s can be a bit of a drag, you spend the day preparing your attire for the week and the evening is usually tainted with the thoughts of returning to work on Monday morning.

What I needed was a distraction, something to take me away from my thoughts for a while. I decided it would be a good time to review a video streaming site that has been pending review for a while – and I needed a change of visual scenery. 😉

It was a warm evening and I sat at my PC in just a long t-shirt I had been wearing during the day. The rest of my clothes had been consigned to the wash basket being that I had worn them to do the gardening earlier.

I selected a video to download based upon the small write up and the images available. It was a girl on girl video. The video started to download and the percentage downloaded began to increase.

Alex was still gardening and to be honest I felt a little bit naughty sitting at my desk about to indulge myself in some lesbian action. But why not, he wouldn’t mind. I stared around the room waiting for the download to finish and listening to the bird song outside.

It caught my eye. No I’ll wait until later…

Still 46% to download. Perhaps I could just give it a quick try. I walked over to the bookshelf and retrieved the Penthouse Dainty Delight from the Mode Collection. Batteries, where did Alex put them. I checked the top drawer in the desk and there they were.

Unlike other bullets this one is pretty, lilac and silver. I read the packet, the DD takes just 1 x AAA battery making it economical to run. It operates via the twist on/off base. Made from silky smooth phthalate free material.

Oh and I just noticed you can take it in to the bathroom as it is waterproof. The shape and design of the massager make the base easy to grip.

Only 28% to go. I loaded the battery and we were now locked and loaded. 😉

“Download Complete.”

I pressed the play button and reclined back on my chair.

The scene begins with an attractive brunette with ample breasts dancing in the living room dressed in a skimpy mini skirt and top. The leggy blonde is watching her through the crack in the door as she dances around touching herself and watching herself in the mirror.

I turn the dial and part my legs.

Vibrations start to ripple through my hand and I lower the massager between my legs towards my pussy. I place the vibrating tip against my clit and feel the buzz from the vibe as it passes through my clit.

The Dainty Delight’s length allows me to roll my clit around from side to side and it is starting swell with the attention it is receiving. It feels good just rolling it around on my swollen clitoris, sort of comforting. I find myself wishing that I could just turn up the speed slightly to harmonise with my own masturbatory frequency.

It feels good but I’m on the edge and don’t seem to be able to get any further. The girls are now kissing as I open my eyes and watch the screen. I try rubbing the massager over my clit in up and down movements but it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Although it didn’t bring me off I’m sure with the accompaniment of a dildo or vibrator it would work wonders. That said the Dainty Delight is easy to operate and control with a length you can do something with, unlike shorter bullets on the market. A mini bullet vibe like this is fine, any shorter and they’re too difficult to hold.

The Dainty Delight will fit neatly and discreetly in your purse for when you want a little bit of naughty fun – perhaps to get your clit tingling just before you go into the office on a Monday morning. It’s certainly going to brighten up my commute tomorrow.

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