Womanizer W500 Pro
Womanizer W500 Pro

Womanizer W100 Versus Womanizer W500/Pro

This is a review with a different approach to the norm for me because I’m about to review a second generation product.  The Womanizer W100 has now been superseded by the Womanizer W500/Pro.

So what does this mean to the user?

Well, I’m about to find out.

My Womanizer W500/Pro was presented in a sturdier box than the previous incarnation and unlike the original the box was embellished with an image of the product on three sides of the lid.  The other two simply had the name of the clitoral stimulator and “Made with Swarovski® elements”.

Which may appeal to the Swarovski consumers out there but makes this a little too phoofy for me.  Lol  I’m not in to bling but the “real” thing.

So I’m assuming that the elements they speak of is basically the On/Off button which does look like a fake gem.  Ok, enough of the bitch slapping let’s move on.  🙂

Once the lid is removed your Womanizer W500 is displayed on a white plastic insert.  Not quite the presentation of the previous one, which was concealed in a rather nice ridged pink neoprene like zip up case.

The second carnation of the Womanizer is more squat, being thicker and about 2 thirds the length of the original.  It also more conveniently has the control panel on the upper side which was always a bug bear with the original.  I would reach the ultimate level of orgasm and be fumbling for the control to turn off. A welcumed lol change indeed.

Removing the insert reveals the User Manual for the Womanizer W500 which is easily read even wearing glasses like myself neatly laid out in the base is your bagged spare head, boxed USB charging cable and black satin storage pouch.

For the uninitiated, the Womanizer clitoral stimulators are the first contactless clitoral stimulator which functions on air waves rather than vibrations.  The first version of the Womanizer, the Womanizer W100 rocked my world not just in terms of design and functionality but the powerful clitoral orgasms it induces, even to this day.

So whilst I wait for the green flashing light to remain constant (indicating a full charge.) I will give you a quick rundown of what this little German gem is all about.

  • Provides touchless stimulation of the clitoris.  😉
  • Can be easily charged via the USB lead included.
  • Will glow red when requiring a top up, ensuring your pleasure is uninterrupted by the requirement to “top up” the battery.
  • Has 8 x intensity levels for you to enjoy. Personally, I’ve only ever got to level 2.  😉
  • Can quickly and easily be terminated should the need arise using the On/Off button.
  • One charge can provide up to 4 x hours of power.

The “treatment head” a term I’m not happy with but it’s obviously down to translation has a removable, washable cover which can be removed and washed in antibac soap.  As for the body of the Womanizer W500 I recommend a proprietary antibac spray on kitchen roll.

A larger clitoral head cover for the Womanizer W500 can be purchased if required.

So let’s go compare.  I’m not just taking one adult toy in to the bedroom but two!  😉

The noticeable differences between the two models is apparent without the need to apply them.  The later model sports a chunkier design and an easier to operate interface which now sits on the back of the Womanizer.

Additionally, the later model because of its + & – buttons allows you to travel up and down the intensity levels unlike the W100 which only incremented up.

In operation there is a noticeable reduction in operational noise, with the Womanizer W500 cuming in (there I go again) at a much quieter level.  Good for a surreptitious wank.

However, on the downside I did find the Level 1 on the W100 more or less equated to Level 3 on the Womanizer W500 which reduces the levels on offer to clit stim addicts.  But on the plus side for those of a more sensitive disposition down there J Level 1 could be the one for you.

Some women going through the menopause can be quite sensitive down there so this lower ratio of stimulation could be a good thing.

So for my opinion on the W500/Pro…

I believe that this model has more plus points than negative and opens up avenues for the more sensitive user to explore.  Which has to be a good thing.  A pleasure product which encompasses all levels of user.

If you’re in to clitoral stimulation you simply have to own one of these (find them here).  And now I have two. 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.