Lelo Liv
Lelo Liv

Watching You Watching Me Frigging And Don’t Forget The Anal

Rather an innocuous toy the Lelo Liv…but don’t be fooled.

This review is unlike any other we have embarked upon before because it not only involves one toy…but two. We were sent a his and hers version of the Lelo Liv (OK so one was blue and one pink) and because we were sent two we decided to try them out together. A first.

If you are familiar with Lelo sex toys you will already be aware that they are rechargeable but here is some more info for you

The Liv offers five function modes with 12 speed settings
Erogonmically shaped to fit both male and females, how good is that?
It is 11cm insertable length and 4.5cm in circumference
The stem is constructed from medical grad silicone and the handle from ABS plastic
Operated by a push button function/speed button which is easily controlled
Packaged in a gift box complete with a charger, satin pouch and 1 year Lelo warranty

I’m glad that is over because I can’t wait to tell you how things went.

Alex lay on his back after applying a drop of Lube Tube, like me as he inserted the Lelo Liv in to his puckered but excited ass. I lay beside him with my cerise Liv. I pushed the Liv inside my well lubed pussy. Alex had fucked me and come inside me earlier and I was benefiting from not having to use any lube. 😉

The Liv slipped inside me easily. There was now challenging stretching just a nice simple glide inside my pussy. The shape and angle of the tip of the Liv is just right for reaching the g-spot and it anchored itself in there.

I pressed the button to fire the vibe in to life and the strong vibrations bounced around my pelvic area. This was the first speed setting and it was already making me sit up and beg. The angle of the Liv was just right to hit the g-spot. I watched Alex slowly take the length of his vibe up his tight little ass with pleasure.

As the final few centimetres were engulfed by his anus I let my Liv go and worked it inside me by my PC muscles. My hands were now free. Alex was still working the navy Lelo Liv inside his ass next to me.

I pulled the Liv free of my pussy and turned up the speed the mode was pulsation. Extracting the vibe allowed me run the Liv between my pussy lips which were already engorged and ready for it. 😉 This felt good but I wanted more.

The tip traced a wet line over my clit and I squoze my buttocks together as it played its wonderful harmonics over my engorged clit. I was excited I won’t lie.

Liv has the perfect shape to encourage clitoral stimulation and g-spot massage and is easy to operate. I’m not sure if I was more turned on at the prospect of Alex having an anal orgasm or me enjoying the Liv’s unnqiue buzz.

I came as I twitched and spasmed in front of him. Once my orgasm had subsided a drew in a sharp intake of breath, I must have been holding my breath.

As I grounded Alex rotated his body and pointed his ass towards me and passed me the Liv and the lube. I couldn’t guess what he was wanting. Lol I squired a generous blob of water based lube on the tip and let it start to run down the sides.

He was poised and ready and I encircled the vibe around his anus, lubricating the outer and then without warning I gently thrust inside him. It took me by surprise that he was pulling the Liv inside him without any help from me. Within seconds it was buried to the hilt inside his tight ass.

This excited me even more. He let loose a low girgling moan. Aware that the tip had hit his p-spot from his reactions I started to move the Liv in and out, only by a mere inch or so but it was driving him wild. His moans were deep and full of intensity.

Then I tried waggling the vibe from side to side and this solicited the same response. He was really enjoying this toy and I was soaking wet just watching him and getting off on his pure enjoyment.

Sure that he may come if I continued to stimulate him and I wanted his come inside me, I extracted the Liv and lay it on tissue at the side of the bed.

“Fuck me”, I pleaded.

The Liv from Lelo is the perfect couples toy and doesn’t disappoint. It took both of us by surprise, a wolf in sheeps clothing. 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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