G Vibe
G Vibe

I first spotted this distinctive looking vibrator at the end of last year whilst at the eroFame show in Hannover.  Despite showing an interest in reviewing the G Vibe my strong hints that I wished to review it failed to work and I came away from the stand empty handed.  Lol

The G Vibe is presented in a sturdy magnetic clipped box with a slight twist.  Rather than opening at the side the box it hinges at the top and fastens at the bottom.  On the front of the box is a stylised image of an orchid whilst the rear features a picture of the G Vibe itself.

Once opened the G Vibe is revealed nestling in its soft white housing which has a handy red pull loop at the end for ease of access to the other contents in the box.  These include a USB charging lead, a pictorial guide to usage and a white nylon drawstring storage bag emblazoned with the company’s logo.

One vital piece of information was absent.  A user manual.  Although the side of the box gives you information about the vibrators modes, 1 year warranty etc there is nothing to tell you about how the interface in the base works or how long your vibrator will take to charge and discharge.

I think this should be addressed as not everyone who purchases this vibrator will want to fiddle with the controls to work out how to get the best from their new purchase.

That said the buttons are pretty much self explanatory.  A + button at the top, a – button at the bottom and in the middle the mode button with a wave pattern on it.  A quick run through soon had me educated in using the G Vibe.  Simply press and hold the + button to increase the speed or press several times to move through them incrementally.  And the opposite happens with the – button.

The Mode button can only be operated once the vibrator is on and again you press repeatedly to work your way through the options.  If you hold down the Mode button the G Vibe emits a momentary powerful burst of vibration.

Your G Vibe interface buttons will illuminate whilst it is charging and go off once the vibrator is fully charged.

As I look at the G Vibe it’s apparent that the handle’s inspiration is taken from the Lelo Insignia range.  The silicone is soft, velvety and seamless.  This product looks like a quality item, its Achilles heel being the charging point which is covered with a small silicone plug.  Although the outside of the box does say it’s water resistant.

Right I’m off to cleanse my G Vibe ready for a bit of Summer’s night fun.  You can read the G Vibe’s appraisal below.

  • Offers 6 x vibrating modes including constant, pulsing and random, enough to please any girl.  😉
  • Can be charged via your PC’s USB port.
  • Is powerful and quiet in operation.
  • Has an easy to use 3 button interface.
  • Is water resistant for use in the shower.
  • Features two stimulation points, each containing a motor for your pleasure.
  • Sits nicely in your hand.
  • Can be used vaginally, clitorally and anally.

A very versatile vibrator.  But remember that you would need to thoroughly cleanse this vibrator if you used it anally before inserting it in to your vagina.

It was such a lovely evening I decided to be daring on leave the curtains open so I could watch the sunset as I enjoyed the delights of the G Vibe.

I slipped out of my dress, and as I was sans-panties I was ready to go.  Reclining back on to the bed clutching my G Vibe I placed the soles of my feet together, knees flat to the bed for easy access.

There was a lovely golden glow in the room, as if heralding the warm glow I would soon be encountering.  😉

After applying a small drop of lube to each tip I pushed them together to enable the G Vibe to be inserted.  The tips are extremely flexible and yielding and were soon working their way inside my vaginal passage.

As they opened and expanded the more I pushed the vibrator inside me I sensed the feeling of being “filled”.  Stopping half way down the length of the shaft was the perfect position as I felt the tip coming to rest on my g-spot.

I pressed the + button firing up the vibrations in constant mode.  The vibration resonated through my vaginal walls and g-spit and it felt most pleasurable.  Not only could I feel the tingle inside but my clitoris seemed to be enjoying the internal vibration too.

Despite the obvious enjoyment I was getting from the dual prongs inside me I wanted to try using the vibe like a rabbit.  I removed the vibrator from my pulsing pussy and slipped the lower prong back inside me whilst the upper one enveloped my clitoris.

Because the prongs are so flexible and soft they lend themselves to being manipulated in to place for targeted clitoral stimulation without any feeling of constriction.  Most rabbit vibrators have fixed clitoral stimulators which means you have to fit the vibrator.  Not with this one, the vibrator fits you.  J

I increased the constant speed to max and made my toes curl in their telltale, your going to cum way.  Now I was experiencing an internal g-spot buzz coupled with external clitoral vibrations.

All I can say is that before I knew what was happening I was bracing myself for orgasm.  And I hadn’t even tested the mode button!

My left hand took hold of the fitted sheet and my back arched as I twitched with the powerful, encompassing grip of my climax.

This vibrator is one which rewards experimentation and is suitable for all levels of user because of its versatility.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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