Fun Factory Dolly BI
Fun Factory Dolly BI

The Fun Factory Dolly BI was sent to me for review and is the second incarnation or should I say “cuming” for this mini vibrator, her predecessor the Little Dolly was shaped differently and battery powered.  This new version forms part of the latest range of Fun Factory vibrators and is rechargeable.

The Dolly BI is one of two new additions to the DeluxeVIBES series and features Fun Factory’s latest “Click ‘N’ Charge” charging system that connects more positively than the original version. The vibe has a cute dolphin shaped, the nose being perfect for nuzzling against your g-spot or clitoris.  😉

This vibrator is very versatile, the large flipper shape of what in other vibes would be the rabbit stimulator enables this vibe to be used both vaginally and anally with complete safety.

I forgot to give the Dolly BI an overnight charge so plugged her in this morning and was pleasantly surprised when her lights stopped flashing alternately after only a few hours.  Meaning she was fully charged by the end of lunch time.

This was great timing as we were having one of the hottest days of the year and I was ready to take a break.

Before I tell you how we went on the bedroom here is a rundown of her most interesting features:

  • Offers powerful yet quiet vibrations.
  • Operates via a three push button interface.
  • Can be terminated quickly simply by pressing the FUN button for discreet play.
  • With 6 x vibratory patterns and 6 x speed settings there is bound be one which makes your toes curl.  😉
  • Designed for use vaginally, clitorally and anally, a truly versatile vibrator.
  • Is ergonomically shaped for ease of use and comfort.
  • Can be taken in to the bathroom just like a real dolphin because it’s 100% waterproof but needs a smaller bath than a real dolphin.
  • A full charge can take between 6 & 8 hours so despite mine charging quickly you may be best recharging her overnight.
  • Has a battery standby time of up to 3 months.
  • Is has an insertible length of 7cm and a girth of 9cm.

That didn’t take you long did it?  Lol

I went in to the bedroom and pulled the curtains to, I didn’t want any neighbours viewing the action.  It also helps to keep the room cool because by now the sun was creeping round the front of the house.

No duvets were required.  I flopped back on the bed lifting my skirt for easy access, wearing no panties also helped.  On hot days I like to get as much fresh air as possible. 😉

As I pressed the FUN button the Dolly Bi burst in to action on constant mode.  I held in the + button until I cycled through the speed/ modes and found an escalating mode which made my hand tingle so I knew my clilt was going to like it.

Placing the underside of my feet together and lowering my knees to the bed I lowered the dolphin’s nose against my clitoris.  The powerful vibrations were zapping my clitoris like a giant humming bee.  I started to tingle in my toes, then up my legs and in to my pelvic girdle.

A sure sign I was about to come.

And I did, gasping and twitching like a fish out of water.

I removed the tip of the Dolly BI from my clitoris, giving me time to settle down for vaginal penetration.  Once I’ve had a clitoral orgasm I need to give it time to recover as any stimulation becomes too intense.

Pressing and holding the + button again took me to another pulsating mode and I slipped the dolphin’s nose between my labia and inside my vaginal opening.  The vibrations were now resonating on my vaginal walls.

The vibrations felt both comforting and arousing and when the flipper of the dolphin came to rest against my clitoris I was transported back to Nirvana once more.

My heart rate increased, my toes curled, my spine arched my shoulders and ass back in to the mattress.  I started to tingle again and automatically held my breath in preparation for what felt like it would be an explosion of euphoric bliss.

It hit me like a train and I convulsed as my body was wracked with pleasure.


After what seemed like minutes I collapsed back on the mattress, flushed and panting.

The Dolly BI is petite and therefore a vibe which can be used by all levels of users but beware the power if you are a newbie to sex toys.  This one can quite literally take your breath away.




By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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