Stronic Eins Vibrator
Stronic Eins Vibrator

Just as guys lust over the latest wheels I desire new vibrators.  The Stronic Eins or Stronic One made a big impression on me when I first cast my eyes on it at the eroFame show I visited at the beginning of last month.

It’s one on its own because if features a technology I haven’t seen before in my 6 ½ years of adult product reviewing and needless to say it got my juices flowing.  So the first thing I did when I got back home was to ensure that Fun Factory kept their promise to send me one and true to their word they did.

So you may be asking what’s different about this vibrator?

Well firstly, the vibratory modes are unlike any other vibrator on the market and secondly the vibrations or should I say movements are completely unique.

Let me try to explain.  This vibrator doesn’t have the same mechanics as normal vibrators which tend to provide stimulation via various trembling motions.  The Stronic offers a new drive technology which is reciprocating.  Which means rather than just vibrating it moves back and forth using a weighted mechanism.

When I fist pressed the “Fun” (I much prefer this to the “On” button.  Lol ) button and fired this vibrator up in Germany my eyes lit up and a broad smile spread across my face.  The guy from Fun Factory took great delight in my reaction and my comment that “This is the vibe most girls have been waiting a long time for”.  😉

You can see just what I’m talking about here.

The Stronic has a weight about it but it feels robust and of good quality.  It doesn’t come with a charger, you have to buy one separately but that’s a good thing as you don’t need a charger with every toy you get so long as its from the Fun Factory Click And Charge range.  A healthy approach when people are becoming sensitive to the issues of having a greener planet.

I already had a charger from previous toys in the Fun Factory range and it was easy to attach using their latest “Click ‘n’ Charge” technology.  You just to be careful to position them carefully with your toy placed on a flat surface.

Now to amuse myself with points of interest while he charges, I’ll be right back…

Whilst I’m gone.  The Stronic Eins offers.

  • Extremely quiet but powerful thrusts of pleasure.
  • Travel lock, simply press and hold the “Fun” button for a few seconds to power On.
  • Bathroom delights, as this vibrator is waterproof.
  • Sleek organic shape which feels good in the hand and is easy to operate.
  • Is rechargeable so no need to stock up on those batteries.  😉
  • Has a g-spot curved tip which is slimmer than the shaft to ensure you achieve accuratelytargeted FUN!
  • Offers 10 pleasure modes, including 3 x Algorithmic, 3 x Constant, 3 x Dynamic and a Sales mode.
  • Is easily operated via the – & + controls when in situ.  😉
  • With a quick termination (should you be discovered) simply press the “Fun” button.
  • A full charge takes 16 hours but you should rarely need to if you keep your vibe topped up.

Now for some dimensions.

It’s 9” in length with 5” of insertable silicone shaft.

Has a clitoral bump of 2” for external stimulation.

Offers you an ample girth of 5.5”, for a truly fulfilling experience.

Is available in Deep Violet & Deep Violet if you like to colour coordinate your toys.  😉  I’m more of a violet girl.  Lol

So what did violet girl think to the new Stronic Eins.

It was damp, dark and misty outside.  Kids up and down the country were trick or treating and I was certainly up for some “treating”.

I pulled the curtains as a mere formality as it was dark except for the light offered by the street lights.  It was all hallows eve and I felt as horny as fuck.  No demons and ghosts were going to thwart my quest for enjoyment.

Suze wouldn’t be offering any treats to those pesky kids for a good while.  lol

The very thought of playing with the Stronic Eins already had me wet and willing but from experience I know a little lube adds to the pleasure.  I popped a drop of lube on the tip and wiped the excess off on to my clitoris.

I placed the tip of the vibrator against my opening and felt myself being stretched slightly by the ample girth of the Stronic Eins.  Just the way I like my cock.  Once inside the tip nestled against my g-spot and the nub of the vibrator nuzzled against my clitoris.

All systems go so far.  How would he perform?  I was soon to find out as I powered him up and I felt the almighty thrusting action get to work on my vaginal opening, g-spot and clitoris in one mighty surge of power.

This felt good.  This felt like I was actually being fucked!

The Stronic Eins is the closest a vibrator has come to emulating the real thing.  My cunt was enjoying the deep humming and thrusting between my legs.  I left the palm of my hand over the handle as it went to work.  The weight of this vibrator dictates that you need to hold it in place.  Not a problem as I was now moving through the modes.

And it didn’t take me long to find one which made me take in a deep breath.  The vibrations started in the clitoral stimulating node and moments later merged in to a rapid fucking motion travelling through the shaft.  OMG!

With this vibe there is no need to twist, rock or plunge, just let the Stronic Eins take care of you.  The clitoral buzzing followed by the deep thrusts soon had me edging close to orgasm.  Then I held my breath as moments later sweet release followed.

I would like to say a big thank you to Fun Factory for developing a vibrator which we girls have waited years for.  It really is revolutionary and breathtaking in use.

If you are looking for a good fuck then look no further than the Stronic Eins, you won’t be disappointed.

Because of the girth and pure power of the Fun Factory Eins I would recommend it for moderate to experienced vibrator users but certainly one to put on the “To Do” list for sex toy newbies (just not as their first vibe) because I believe everyone should experience this uniquely pleasurable experience at some point in their life.

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By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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