Fun Factory Spring minivibe
Fun Factory Spring minivibe

The Fun Factory Spring miniVibe may be petite but I suspected it was going to be a good candidate for a sex toy review.  Great things can come in small packages.  😉

Being so compact has its advantages, it can be easily stored, slips in to a handbag, car glove box or even a coat pocket with ease for a travel friendly bit of pleasure.

My Spring miniVIBE was nicely contoured with a velvety texture and was embellished with pretty floral motifs.  This vibrator was pretty, functional and discreet and I knew exactly how I was going to take full advantage of it but more about that later…

I’m sure you are all eager to know what the Fun Factory Spring miniVIBE has to offer so take a look at this whilst I get changed.

  • An uncompromising first time vibrator for the newbie.
  • Features easy to use push button controls.
  • Is 100% waterproof for a little bit of bathtime fun.
  • Offers 8 vibration intensities and 3 vibratory programs to tickle your fancy.
  • Rechargeable, so no batteries to buy.  🙂
  • Its Powerful but quiet motor provides stealthy satisfaction.

It may be dark in there but I won’t be long…

I’ve said it before…for some reason I find I’m more than a little randy when I come out of the gym and today was no exception.  In fact I knew exactly how I would feel and that’s why I parked right at the top end of the car park.

And for a little pleasure insurance I brought you along.  You’ve been so good sitting there in the dark waiting for me to let you out.

I’m hot, sweaty and sticky following my gym session but I’m also wet, the musky smell of my sex is thinly disguised by my own pheromones.  As I part my legs I’m totally aware of my own desire.  That bike seat has been rubbing away at my clit for the last half hour and now pulses with my wantonness.

As I take the Spring miniVIBE out of hiding I notice how cool it feels in comparison to my own body heat.  I place it between my lycra clad thighs to take up my heat and lazily check out my rear view mirror.  It’s quiet at this time of day, the morning rush has gone and the pre lunch-timer’s are already working it.

My car is parked up by the bins where there is no passing traffic and rather remarkably nobody wants to park, favouring the disabled/mother’s spaces.  I have always been amused by how close people want to park to the gym yet they will exercise on machines or with weights for hours.  Lol

I withdrew my miniVIBE from between my legs, couldn’t wait any longer my clit was throbbing, I could have rubbed one out in the gym when I jumped off that bike.  One good thing about Lycra is its ease at being peeled off, I rolled my legging down to my knees and the long t-shirt I was wearing covered me discreetly.

The tip of the vibe felt cool as I pressed it against my swollen clit but it soon warmed.  A few presses of the + button soon had me enraptured.  I pushed my bum back in to the seat and splayed my legs, feet resting on the mat in front of my seat.  OMFG, this was so naughty and so good!

I sneaked a peek through partially open eyes both front, back and sides and it was all clear.  Good.  More presses of that button took me to throbbing mode and I was away with the fairies.  😉  I pressed my toes down in to my trainers and arched my back as my side to side movements brought my clit closer to orgasm.

Totally aware of my situation but so close to nirvana I took one more safety recky before letting it rip.  Thankfully nobody was around to hear me shout “FUCK” as I bucked in my car seat…

Some moments later I came down to earth…

Still nobody around, I pulled up my leggings and placed my Fun Factory Spring miniVIBE on the seat next to me.  Sainsbury’s anyone?

The Spring miniVIBE is the ideal choice of both experienced and new toy users alike.  With its unchallenging size and shape it is so versatile as a first time toy or a clit vibe/shallow stimulating vibrator, a multi purpose sex toy.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.