Sqweel 2
Sqweel 2

This sex toy has been around for quite some time now and somehow I never got around to reviewing it.

In fact it is now in its second incarnation.  I tried to get some facts online regarding the differences between version 1 & 2 of the Sqweel but my searching was thwarted by the fact that the online stores now carry this latest version.

All I have managed to glean is that the later model has 30% more power, so whoop, whoop girls!  And boys of course as this toy is recommended for use on your erogenous zones too.  😉  It is suggested that anywhere you would like to receive some oral stimulation the Sqweel can be deployed.

Once slipped out of the packaging the Sqweel’s plastic protective cover can be removed and the outer panel of the housing to release the spigotted wheel of tongues.  You simply set the button at the base of the cover to the open lock symbol and slip it off.

The wheel can then be cleaned thoroughly with anti bac soap and dried, place the wheel back on it’s hub, slip over the cover and lock it in place.  The battery compartment is housed in the rear base of the toy.

I’m rather excited about giving this one a test drive so I’ll quickly give you a rundown of its features.

  • It offers 3 x forward, 3 x backward speeds and 1 x back/forward speed settings, known as flicker mode.  😉  Confused?  I knew you would be.  This toy can switch between forward and backwards giving a start/stop effect.
  • Is easy to clean with a removable “tongue wheel”.
  • Is powered by 3 x AAA batteries.
  • Gives maximum lickage with 10 soft silicone tongues to tease and please.

So, let’s take this to my boudoir and see what it’s made of…

I did note that the Sqweel does feel rather cumbersome to hold and that’s from me a 5’ 7” lady.  I wonder just how big it would seem to a more petite user.  But I’m not letting that put me off on my quest for some licky pleasure.  😉

Curtains pulled for discretion I set about my quest for some of that tongue flicking action.

It was one of those balmy days when the duvet wasn’t a requirement.  I slipped out of my clothing, casting it to the bedroom floor.  With kitteh watching from the landing.  He always seems to be around when I’m getting naughty.

I reclined on top of the duvet with my legs spread wide in anticipation.  Experience usually equips you with a general idea of how things will go.   I retrieved my lube from the bottom draw, believing that this toy would probably require a considerable amount of lube for operation.

A press of the On button fired the Sqweel in to action.  The tongues rotated and I decided to apply them to my semi erect nipples which are very sensitive to stimulation.  I found the Sqweel dragged slightly, making it difficult to enjoy the sensation even though I wasn’t pressing up against them.

So I tried the flicking action against my clitoris.  After all, I love a good clit licking.  And it felt good, I even took the speed up to the max.  I started to get the buzzing that I normally feel from clit vibes then I lost it.  And the noise… it sounds like someone is cutting the hedge.  Not very discreet. So make sure the kids are out and your visitors have left the building.  lol

An overriding feeling of cold hit me.  My pussy felt so cold that I wasn’t actually getting the full experience of the Sqweel.

Although there is no doubt that the Sqweel offers stimulation on par with light oral it has a trade off, it produces a fan like effect which serves to cool and dry the area being stimulated.

We aren’t all made the same so it may just float your boat.





By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.