Lux LX3 Prostate Stimulator
Lux LX3 Prostate Stimulator

The Lux LX3 Prostate Stimulator is an “L” shaped Silicone and ABS plastic prostate massager aimed at the discerning male market. The rigidity of the LX3 is provided by the ABS plastic body of the sex toy which is then coated in silicone to give a seamless form that both massages the prostate and perineum during use.

This is a rechargeable sex toy and that means that it is waterproof according to the documentation making it easy to clean and suitable for use almost anywhere including the bathroom. This is a very small sex toy that packs a punch, it doesn’t have any fancy patterns but does have a strong, multi-speed vibration controlled by a single, simple push-button.

Charging takes place via the multi-country charger supplied with the LUX LX3 – four different sets of pins that are easily interchangeable clip to the power adaptor allow us in the UK, Europe, Asia and US, and therefore any other country which uses the mains socket an voltage standards of those regions. So pretty much anywhere.

Charging can take up to 2 hours and full charge of its lithium polymer battery will give you up to 1.5 hours of play time depending on the speed setting.

The LX3 and its bigger brother the Lux LX3+ are almost edentical in shape except that the LX3+ is larger. If you like a larger anal sex toy then go for the LX3+, however for beginners or just if you don’t need the fullness the larger toy provides then the LX3 is the best joice.

With a liberal amount of water based lubricant the Lux LX3 slipped easily inside and was drawn in by my anal sphincter until the perineum stimulator was pressed up against my skin. The control button for the prostate massager’s vibrator is easy to find unsighted being a distinct domed shape on the section of the toy that sits outside your body. To turn on you press the button and hold until the required speed is reached or you hit the maximum. To turn off you press the switch for less than 2 seconds, to increase the speed press and hold again. Although not the worst control system this means that if your finger slips off the button when you’re trying to increase the speed the vibe can turn off when you don’t want it to. Also you can’t slow the vibe down, the only way to decrease the speed is to turn it off completely and then build up again to the slower speed.

This isn’t the most intense of prostate stimulators from my experience of it – nice but not too intense. The perineum stimulator is strong enough to get you tingling and the whole effect is only spoilt a little by the lack of pulsing and escalating mode, perhaps in the next version eh Lux designers?

This prostate stimulator is well presented, thoughtfully designed, practical and easy to maintain. It’s more for the beginner to anal stimulation and men who like light stimulation and a more subtle anal toy than some of the ass-stretching monsters out there.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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