Doc Johnson Mood Pleaser Tight
Doc Johnson Mood Pleaser Tight

The packaging proudly declares that this sex toys is “Built in America”. What it’s built from is UR3 Doc Johnson’s soft elastomer that is both yielding and durable, unlike most UR3 sex toys from the manufacturer it is however not a flesh-like pink but a sky blue colour.

This isn’t the biggest masturbator you’ll find but then it’s true to say when it comes to male masturbators I’ve found through years of experience that size really isn’t everything when it comes to male sex toys. The elasticity of the materials used and the expertise of the designers is what counts so let’s find out how skilled they were.

The outside of the toy is ribbed so you can easily grip it even when it’s covered in lubricant. The blue colour is different and refreshing because let’s face it we all know this isn’t a real pussy so why should it be flesh coloured? What is surprising and to me quite disappointing is that the inside of the Mood Pleaser Masturbator is completely smooth. Apart from the slight differences in pressure created by the thickness of this stroker style masturbator you don’t get a huge amount of stimulation. Add to this that the version I tested was the tighter “Thin” version and I have to say that the whole experience was rather disappointing.

I’d like to try the other version of this sex toy which is not only larger but has stimulating nodules inside. I’m no John Holmes, just 7.5” long but the tightness of this masturbator coupled with the smoothness of its interior really disappointed me.

I used plenty of water based lube (not provided with the toy) and found myself becoming sore as the tight, the smooth tube simply wiped it from my erection and left me dry and abraded. Not the best experience I’ve had with a masturbator by any means.

On a positive note this is a phthalate free masturbator that’s easy to clean and doesn’t cost the earth.

Unless you like a tight, smooth masturbator like this Doc Johnson Mood Pleaser I’d avoid this particular model and go for the standard Mood Pleaser with the bobbly interior (it has to be better than this) or one of the other masturbator’s I’ve reviewed on this site and that I have given a positive review.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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