JimmyJane Iconic Pocket Rocket
JimmyJane Iconic Pocket Rocket

I’ve tested and sex toy reviewed a couple of Jimmyjane products which have impressed me and this is another I was eager to get my hands on.

The Iconic Pocket forms part of their “The Usual Suspects” range and is as the name suggests easy to secrete in you pocket to play with on the go, or when nobody else is in the office.  But do be careful your not being watched by CCTV as I was in my last place of work.  Not playing with toys but sat at my desk, don’t ask, strange IT guy.  Lol

The Usual Suspects range comprises a pocket rocket, cock ring and rabbit all fashioned out of white ABS plastic which makes them look quite pure, which I suppose is in contrast to their purpose.  😉

I put it through it’s paces the other day but lets look at its vital statistics first.

Made from durable ABS plastic.

Features 4 vibrating hemispheres which can be deployed on the clitoris, labia or anywhere else you need a buzz.

Can be used with or without the cap for more intense stimulation.

  • It’s described as being waterproof but in all honesty I don’t think the construction would hold up to submersion so I advise against it, although it may be splash-proof.  Not a problem for me as I tend to use my toys on dry land.
  • Offers single speed vibration when the base is rotated but be careful not to over rotate or the battery compartment comes away.
  • Produces strong vibrations with a slight trade off that it’s not as quiet as it could be but if you’re a moaner like me you cannot keep things quiet when you play anyway.  Lol

It was another dank, dark, wet day today and I’m always happy to review toys on such days, bringing a little happiness and enlightenment to my day.  I pulled the curtains, turning the DVD player on en route.  It already contained a DVD from the evening before and I’d spotted a great girl on girl scene featuring a strap-on.

I selected the scene and slipped out of my clothing.  The room was lovely and warm and the duvet most inviting, big and fluffy.  Taking the Iconic Pocket off the top of my drawers I removed the end cap and placed it there for safe keeping.  I noticed that it was a little cool so I placed it between my thighs to warm.

The girls were busying themselves deep kissing, hands fondling each other.  I wished I was in my twenties again as they removed their clothing, revealing tight tummies and pert breasts.  Oooh, the brunette had a lovely pair of natural C cups on her.

My rocket was now ready for action, now at body temperature.  I twisted the base and as I did so my cat made an appearance.  He jumped up on the bed and spotted the clear plastic end cap for my vibe on my drawers.  He proceeded to bat it on to the floor with his paw, then jumped down and chased it around the bedroom.

How could I pleasure myself with a mental kitteh running all around my room.  I turned off my Iconic Pocket and docked it back between my thighs in readiness for my unwanted guest leaving my room.  A few minutes later he disappeared through my door along with the cap.

Phew!  I started to watch the DVD again, things had moved on and the brunette was now fucking the blonde with a strap-on. Perfect timing.  I retrieved the vibe, twisted the base and placed it over my hungry clit

The vibrations were as promised powerful and I lay for a moment savouring each one as it danced on my clit.  She doesn’t mess about and knows how to work a strap-on.  Hmmm.  I could feel my nerve endings starting to fire up as I added a circular movement which must have pulled my clitoral hood back, because it made me shiver as I passed over my tender bud.

Moments later I was in a full on orgasm, my toes started to tingle like pins and needles and I clenched my buttocks, magnifying the perfect alignment of my nerves and pleasure cortex.  My skin flushed as I panted and twitched my clit so sensitive to all the attention.

Eyes closed I could smell the familiar aroma of my own juices which had coated my vibe and fingers.  I had just gone super nova and was parachuting back to earth.

The Iconic Pocket to be honest had me wondering if it would do the trick when I read it was a single speed vibe but it didn’t fail me, I was pleasantly surprised.  But it would be a good idea for them to consider creating a multi speed one as this could be a little too full on for a beginner.

I was also a little disappointed with the construction and the ease with which you can completely undo the battery compartment, not what you want happening when you are about to come.  That said it is a very powerful pocket rocket and one not to be over looked.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.