JimmyJane Form 2
JimmyJane Form 2

Recently I’ve taken to placing toys awaiting a sex toy review under my pillow (not all at once silly!), this means that I can test them when the time is right and I’m in the mood without having to retrieve them from my bedside drawer.

And the Jimmyjane Form 2 is so small that it was rather like the fairytale “The Princess And The Pea”, only I couldn’t feel the cute little vibe through my pillow.  Lol. And there’s me thinking I was a princess 🙂

It has to be said that I can’t look at the Form 2 without thinking it resembles a tooth, a molar to be precise.  Don’t ask me why I just think it does and I was eager to let it nibble on my clit and any other body parts which took my fancy when it eventually came out to play.  😉

I just read the manual and the Form 2 offers

  • 4 x speed settings and 4 x functions which at both powerful and quiet in operation.
  • A compact and uniquely shaped toy.
  • Is rechargeable and comes with a charging base which can be used by both the Form 2 & 3 which saves on you having to use and store lots of different charging apparatus.
  • Is waterproof for both bedroom and bathroom fun.
  • A two hour charge offers up to 7 hours of vibratory pleasure.

As I mentioned in my review of the Form 3, Jimmyjane need to work on their packaging because it’s not up to the standard you would expect from such a quality product with a price point to match.

Now on with the review.

Earlier this evening I was chilling out in bed after a long day entertaining little nephew when Alex decided to slip a naughty DVD in to the player and poured me a glass of shiraz.  Decadent but oh so welcome after the hectic weekend we had in Berlin last month.  😉

Well one thing lead to another and it wasn’t long before Alex was embracing me and kissing me deeply.  He then disappeared under the duvet and I felt his hands parting my legs as he started to lap at my clit.  His hot tongue was now lapping at my clit and his mouth sucking on my labia.

My nipples started to stiffen and pulse beneath my nightie.  I raised up and pulled it off, discarding it to the floor.  Alex was now busy swirling, sucking and devouring my pussy, offering the occasional satisfied moan as he savoured my juices.

I felt under the pillow for my Form 2 and held it against my pinkish brown nipples which were now like chapel hat pegs.  Placing the prongs either side of my nipple, it fitted perfectly as I pressed the speed button.  The third speed setting coupled with Alex’s excellent cunniligual attentions soon had me writhing.

It’s not often I take a “Third” in to my bed but this was perfect, the vibratory stimulation combined with Alex’s ministrations had me close to the edge.  I think he became aware of this and he broke contact with my pussy, leaning in to kiss me, the strong aroma of my own juices warm and steaming on his lips.

I stole a kiss which I rapidly followed with a lick…couldn’t resist and I tasted so sweet upon his lips.

He was soon penetrating me, impaling me on his thick hard cock.  A couple of deep hip banging fucks ensued and then he was grabbing my hips, flipping me over.  I assumed the position in front of him on all fours still clutching my Form 2.

This was so impromptu, I intended to try my vibe out on my own but it seemed so appropriate and to be honest I was so randy that I couldn’t resist placing it against my clit as Alex started to fuck me again.  Using toys whilst screwing can be awkward and I was totally aware that it could become an obstacle.  I asked if it was getting in the way and Alex confirmed it wasn’t, this vibe is so compact that it’s easy to use during full on sex.

The last time I tried to achieve a combined self indulgent clitoral and vaginal orgasm it didn’t work because my choice of toy tended to distract my attention so much that I couldn’t achieve one.  This time my inadvertent choice was just perfect, it felt really good having the vibrations around my clit whilst being g-spot fucked.

It took my totally by surprise when I felt my clitoral orgasm building simultaneously with the g-spot one I was now fast approaching.  I so didn’t expect it to happen…

…and then out of nowhere.


Alex was coming too, everything just harmonised perfectly.  My knees were trembling and all I remember is I kept on repeating, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…

I’ve never had a joint orgasm before and I’m still reeling from the experience as I write this and attempt to convey the true emotional explosion I was part of earlier.

This toy is more than it appears to be.  Experiment with it and you will encounter the pleasures it has to offer.  It is an inoffensive little gem which can be enjoyed by both of you, which reminds me it’s Alex’s turn next…

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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