Seven Deadly Sin Remote Control Egg
Seven Deadly Sin Remote Control Egg

Phew, just managed to fit the title of this sex toy review in.  lol  This raises the obvious question…”how do you like your eggs”.  And the answer is discreet, powerful and multi speed.  This toy ticks all of those boxes and more, read on…

These days there are numerous bullets and egg vibrators to choose from that you just don’t know where to start and I empathise because I feel it too.

With this Seven Creation Wireless Remote Egg with silk coating you have one of the best out there.  It has so much to offer, it’s rechargeable and multi function and relatively quiet compared to most, lesser powered vibrating eggs.

I must admit that I thought this would be just “another egg” but it wasn’t the case…

Here are the Seven Creations Wireless Remote Vibrating Egg specs for you to digest.  I like mine sunny side up.  🙂

  • There’s no data relating to charge time, how long it will run for on a single charge or the maximum range for the remote.  I’ll come to that later when I test the egg.
  • I left my Wireless Remote Egg charging over night, the red light turns to green when it is fully charged.
  • The egg has a sweet love heart cradle recharging unit which is easy to use.
  • Simply press the press the button for 2 seconds to fire the egg in to action and again to turn the Seven Creations Wireless Remote vibrating Egg off.
  • It’s made from ABS plastic, making for easy cleaning once used.  One thing which did irritate because they seem to have thought of everything else, is the egg’s cord loop, it’s made of fibbers which are porous.  It would have been more hygienic if they had thought to rubber coat the cord but it’s just one small criticism of an otherwise perfect toy.
  • Features 7 modes of vibration including pulsation and escalation.
  • Is fairly quiet in use and offers powerful vibrations.

Now time for the testing…

I decided to go on the road for this one.  Needing to ensure my Wirless Remote Vibrating Egg stayed in place I slipped on my big girl panties.  If you’re not in to wearing girl shorts you could equally slip the egg through the cord loop capturing the gusset of your panties just to give you the added confidence that it won’t fall on to the floor while you’re walking around.  Lol

Once the egg was in place and my jeans securely fastened we made our way to the car.  I wasn’t sat in my seat for long before Alex pressed the magic button and my pussy started to vibrate.  Turning to Alex I smiled, then giggled as the vibrations were stepped up by him.

He turned off the vibrations and we made our way to the supermarket.  This could be the best trip to the local supermarket I’ve ever made.  😉

As I strode through the vegetables, Alex to my side pushing the trolley I felt my egg fire up again.  I stopped momentarily enjoying the pulsating mode he had  selected and was probably wearing the most inane grin but I didn’t care it felt too good, my clit was buzzing with the intensity of the vibrations.

Off it went and we proceeded to shop again.

It wasn’t until we got to the tomatoes that he hit the on button, just as I was reaching up to grab a multi pack.  I tried to work through it but gave in and lowered my arm savouring the buzzing going on inside my panties.  I felt so naughty as everyone else carried on shopping around me, meanwhile I was being sent to consumer heaven for completely different reasons.

Realising the vibrations were once again rendering me useless Alex pressed the off button.

I managed to make it all the way to the self check out before he struck again!  This time I was summoning the female assistant to sort out my scanner as it had errored.  I’m not sure if she heard the inflection in the tone of my voice as I asked her to assist me.  Lol

My egg made the mundane shopping experience more exciting, I recommend all you girls get one of these and take it shopping with you.  They say a little retail therapy is good for you, how right they are.  😉

This vibrating love egg is powerful, quiet and had an unbelievably long range of more than 30-40 feet.  It’s by far the most superior egg I have had the pleasure of testing.  A good toy for all levels of toy user, a good all rounder.












By Suze

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