Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Plus
Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Plus

I can’t believe, considering the number of adult products I’ve reviewed that I haven’t had my hands on a pocket rocket before now.  It’s one of the iconic sex toys that has somehow passed me by over the years I’ve been reviewing.

Time to change that and add it to my list of sex toy reviews …

As soon as the omission was recognised I arranged for not just one to be delivered post haste but two.  So I will be able to make comparisons between the two leading manufacturers of the Pocket Rocket.

I’ll be taking a look at the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Plus first.  It can be used for teasing nipples and labia but we all know where it’s going don ‘t we.  Lol  Yes, you have it.  My clitoris is crying out for its attention, you know just how much I love my clitoral massagers.

Before we embark upon the voyage in to space on this mini launcher I’ll give you the check list for the vibrator.

  • Is small enough to slip discreetly in to your purse or pocket.
  • Can be used with the cap for additional stimulation.
  • Has a powerful motor which isn’t too quiet on full speed but considering the vibratory amplitude is reasonably discrete.
  • Offers three speeds of vibration operated via an easy to use slide controller.
  • Powered via 2 x AA batteries.
  • Warning:  The Pocket Rocket isn’t waterproof.  Be careful when washing it, I managed to get water inside the battery compartment when I cleaned mine prior to use.

As I lay back on the cool mattress I made a conscious decision to remove the plastic cap from the tip, the nodules were more severe than the rounded metal prongs of the head.  Perhaps I will try it with rather than without next time.  ;0

The central heating had warmed the room sufficiently to enable me to lay there with just a bra on.  As I warmed the Pocket Rocket between my thighs I slipped my right hand inside my lacy bra cup and felt around for my nipple.  Moments later I found it as the blood filled the fleshy nub, pushing it outwards towards my index and middle fingers.

I took hold of it between them pulling gently aiding it’s erection.  The nerves in my breast started to fire and send messages of pleasure to my cortex.  My pussy joined in and started to pulse with the rush of blood and the anticipation of a new toy to play with.

A quick pinch of my nipple and my hand was slipping from the warm cup to between my legs.  The Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket had now taken on my body heat and was ready to go.  I licked my middle finger and ran it up and down my slit, lubricating my clitoris with my saliva.

Using my left hand I parted my labia for ease of access, revealing my pounding clitoris which was starting to feel engorged with its life blood.  Knowing the power of my vibe I pushed gently against the slider and it fired up.

Application of its vibrating tip to my eager clit solicited the slightest of moans.  It felt good as the vibrations worked their magic on me.  Here in this darkened room I could do as I pleased, Alex was busy working at his desk next door aware that I was being naughty on my own here in the dark.  That added fuel to the fire and I started to feel turned on as that vibe buzzed against my blushing clitoris.  I slipped the control up a notch and added a side to side movement which was simply sublime…

What was I saying?

Oh yes.  The added movement was now starting to make me tingle a sure sign that I am about to orgasm.  I slowed it down, extending the moment, not wanting to rush things.  But it wasn’t enough, I found myself twitching, curling my toes, heart racing and face flushing as I was launched in to outer-space on that rocket between my legs.

This could be a beginners toy but beware it packs a punch and may be just a little too intense.  But it would certainly suit an intermediate to pro like me who likes a speedy “happy”.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.