Lelo Soraya Rabbit Vibrator
Lelo Soraya Rabbit Vibrator

Since checking out the new Lelo Insignia range at Venus I have been eager to get my hands on them to do a sex toy review and today my wishes were granted as I took delivery of the Lelo Soraya a stylish rabbit vibrator.

This Insignia range is like nothing else out there.  Their appearance is very organic, almost Henry Moore inspired with their flowing holes and metallic insets.

The controls on this latest line have also been simplified from the usual 4 buttons to just 3 which in my opinion is an improvement.

As you would expect the packaging is very classy, almost demure.  You open the matt black box embossed with the Lelo ident to find the Soraya nestled in a thick foam inset coated with a sumptuous black velvet topping.  The charger is nicely housed in the inset with the satin pouch and instructions underneath.

And placed in the corner is your Insignia brooch, you feel as if you are now a member of an exclusive club with your own pin to wear.  I like the idea that you can now wear your pin whilst looking out for other members of this secret “pleasure club”.

Both the look and feel of the Soraya are superior quality, the silicone is so soft and tactile, feeling very much like satin to the touch.  The newly designed control panel is easier to feel and therefore operate in situ.

She wooed me right from the reveal and I couldn’t wait to whisk her off to the bedroom but first I need to give you the low down on her finer qualities.

  • Crafted from ABS plastic and silicone, with a luxurious feel.
  • Is rechargeable with a 2 hour charge offering up to 4 hours of play.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee.
  • Offers 8 speed settings and a further 8 modes of escalation and pulsation.
  • With two engines designed to work in harmony for your pleasure.
  • Fully waterproof so the fun can be continued in the bathroom.

Now to the fun bit…

It was another gloomy day as I pulled the curtain too in the bedroom.  The cold nip in the air predicted my retreat under the duvet. I had forgotten to put a DVD in the drive but it didn’t matter because my muse was close to hand.

Reaching under my pillow I retrieved the secreted Soraya from her hiding place.  She felt slightly cool to the touch so I placed her between my thighs for an injection of warmth.  It was still outside, not a sound to be heard, no bird song, cars or people to distract me.

I closed my eyes and started to chill from my hectic morning of sales and promotion, a welcome break.  My body heat had now been taken up by the Soraya, she was no longer a presence against my thighs, therefore in perfect harmony with me.

After applying a small blob of Lube Tube I returned her to the warmth under the duvet.  The controls on the Insignia range are more easily defined than previous models and I placed my index finger over the controls as I pushed my labia apart.  It was evident that lube wasn’t a requirement as the slickness of my own body fluids aided the insertion of the vibe.

Once in place it was apparent that this toy had been made for me.  The hook of the vibe seating against my g-spot and the flexing clit vibe neatly against my eager clitoris.  It was obvious that the rabbit attachment would work well with all sizes of women because it is so flexible.

It’s apparent when I find a toy which fits me like a glove because I can position it and feel like my body is naturally holding it in place and in this instance it fitted like it was made for me.  It’s like having a warm glove take you in its grip.

I worked my way through the powerful yet quiet continuous vibrations and in to the modes and found a delicious little number which worked its harmonistic abilities on me.  Seduced by the cycling vibratory patterns I was soon close to the edge.

And then I wasn’t, my body gave itself over to the Soraya.  She was my bitch as I quivered with rapturous power of my own orgasm…

What can I say…this vibrator is a powerful weapon of lurve…and I do.

You will find that the Soraya is an unthreatening rabbit vibrator which has appeal to all levels of vibe user and is so easy to operate.  Additionally, this vibrator should accommodate ladies of all shapes and sizes by the very virtue of its flexible rabbit stimulator.

All I can say is “go girl”.  😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.