Fun Factory YOOO
Fun Factory YOOO

I was contacted by Fun Factory to sex toy review their latest rechargeable massager the YOOO.  Within a couple of days my grumpy postman was trying to push it through my box…oooh, errr!

In the end he knocked and I opened the door to the miserable old scrote.  And yes I don’t mind if you are reading this and recognise yourself.  Lol

It’s a while since I have reviewed any fun factory products and it was nice to be one of the first to encounter the YOOO.  I find the FF range of toys to be both functional and well made from quality materials.

When I opened the box I was surprised at the unconventional shape, it resembles interlocking pleasure bubbles.  Quite unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market, fun and quirky.  I could immediately see its uses flashing through my head as I placed it on charge.

Whilst it’s preparing to pleasure me I’ll take you through the YOOO’s features.

  • Sits nicely in the hands and is fun to use and experiment with.
  • Is rechargeable using their innovative *click n charge” system which locks the charger to the product using magnets rather than plugging it in.
  • Can be used with assurance in the bathroom being100% waterproof.
  • With illuminated LOOP control element with ‘Magic Touch” function which lights up the control panel with the slightest touch.  Great for locating your YOOO in the dark.
  • Has easy to operate illumination button controls for night time assistance.
  • Features two powerful motors within each pleasure node for double the fun.
  • Offers 3 vibration programs with multiple speed options and a turbo-boost button to send you off the scale.  😉
  • Is quiet in operation even on the most powerful of settings.

As Alex sat hitting the keyboard, composing another brilliant erotic piece I slipped off in to the bedroom for a break.  We had been sat at our PC’s for most of the day and now it was early evening and time for some R & Rrrrr!

The room was in darkness, curtains pulled shut against the damp dark evening.  My YOOO was sitting waiting faithfully atop my bedside drawers.

I cast off my clothes and slipped naked under the duvet taking the YOOO with me to warm against my body.  It feels good to hold, very much like a stress ball…which is quite ironic as sex has a stress alleviating effect too.

In the quiet darkness of the room I felt warm, snuggled and safe under my duvet.  The tensions running from my body as I lay there listening to the rhythmic hitting of a keyboard in the adjacent room.

Locating the appropriate buttons to press was childs play with the green glow of the control panel.  A press of the + key fired the YOOO in to action a gentle constant vibration but I was skipping the preliminary stages…I wanted pulsation, I know it was available I’d run through the settings earlier.

A few presses of the button and I had found it, moments later I was running the vibe around my areola and over my nipple and it felt deliciously naughty as my nipple stood to attention.   The vibrations were both quiet and powerful as my nipples and nerve ending danced under the vibratory onslaught.

I suddenly became aware of my wetness, the aroma of my pussy hitting my nasal cavities like opening the doors of a bordello.  There was an itch which needed scratching.

The application for my new friend was obvious, I placed the larger stimulating ball inside the opening of my vagina and the smaller one over my clit, a perfect fit due to the size of the contact area.  I’m sure most ladies would be able to use it in this way.

With the larger ball now providing shallow vaginal stimulation and the smaller clitoral I was now under the YOOO’s spell and that pulsation setting was really working with the rotational vibrations.  Almost instinctively I added a slight twist back and forth, creating a wonderful massaging effect and moments later my hard work paid off as I climaxed rather noisily on the bed.

As I emerged from my hazy orgasm I wondered if Alex had heard me.  He was going to get it next.  😉

This toy is a good all rounder, one for amateurs and pros, couples and singles, a good one for Valentines Day.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.