RO-80mm BulletVibrator
RO-80mm BulletVibrator

I set up the ironing board in the back bedroom Sunday afternoon. It’s a chore that I hate doing on a day I dislike as it heralds the start of the working week. If I could afford to employ someone to do my housework for me and not have to spend my weekends doing mundane stuff I would. But then I suppose everyone feels the same about housework.

As I picked up one of Alex’s shirts I noticed the box of toys secreted in the bedroom awaiting review. That’s when I had an inspired thought. I knew there was a RO-80mm bullet in there, supplied by the nice people at Rocks Off when we were at the Passion show last weekend.

All of a sudden things were looking up. 😉 I rummaged through the box and found the plastic tube containing my bullet and it did actually look like a shiny silver plastic bullet. I unscrewed the end cap to check if it required any batteries.

Fantastic! There was already one in there. Now that’s thoughtful. 😉

I pushed the button on the base and the bullet started to vibrate. It’s one powerful little vibrator for its size, it nearly bounced out of my hand.

My hand was soon feeling it’s way between the waistband of my cami trousers and inside my panties. It felt naughty but I couldn’t help myself. I pushed my hand down between my legs and was just about to deposit the bullet between my legs when I had a wonderful surprise.

The gusset of my panties wasn’t sewn down and therefore there was a handy little pocket in which to place the vibe. How lucky was that. Ladies I’ll wait while you check if yours is like that…

…how did you go on?

My bullet slipped nicely in to the pocket and was held in just the right place to give my clit a buzz. I’m sure M & S must have created those panties especially for this very reason. I now had my own homemade vibro panties.

That vibe was humming away between my legs as I picked up the iron to continue my work. It wasn’t long before I was feeling horny as fuck and I crossed my legs to intensify the stimulation of the strong waves of vibration now passing through my clit and pelvic girdle. I was loosing my concentration and thought it would be a good idea to put the iron down.

I took up a seat in the comfy armchair to the side of me with my legs dangling over the chair arm. Again I crossed my legs and began to rub them together, this helped create a rolling of the vibe over my clit.

The thin strip of fabric between my legs must have been soaked as the vibe continued its onslaught on my clitoris. I placed my left foot on the top of my right and pushed against it as I spasmed and braced myself for orgasmic delight.

It ripped though me like a typhoon, engulfing me, ravishing my senses. The intensity of the orgasm rendered me motionless for the moment but when I returned to reality I turned off the vibe, removed it from my rather sticky gusset and took my position at the ironing board.

Just as if nothing had ever happened. 😉

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