Remote G Vibrating G Spot Vibrator
Remote G Vibrating G Spot Vibrator

Bullets are always an interesting toy to test and sex toy review because they are such a versatile toy.  And this one promises to hit that g-spot so it’s doubly good in my books.  Oh and lets not forget that it’s also remotely controlled for added naughtiness, you can give the remote to your partner.  😉

I usually test most of my bullets externally as clit vibrators because they are unsuitable for internal stimulation but this toy has a rather clever retrieval cord/antennae made for internal vaginal use.  I make a point of saying “vaginal” because this toy is not suitable for anal insertion, there is no flared base to stop it from slipping deep inside the colon.

Never use any toy anally which doesn’t have a method of locking with external extraction hoop or base.

Right lesson over, now on with the dirty low down on this little vibe.

  • Features a g-spot curve to target that elusive pleasure zone.
  • Has an independent on/off push button control for convenience.
  • The  carry strap on the remote which can be attached to your keyring.
  • With a range of 10-16’ play whilst outdoors can be fun.
  • Features 7 vibratory functions with an LED indicator light on the control.
  • Is waterproof for some submersible fun.
  • Batteries are provided so you are ready to go straight away, what could be better.  😉

I decided to wear my remote g whilst travelling down to the ETO Show this past weekend, it would make the journey much more fun.  And even better, I gave Alex the remote so he could take control of my pleasure.

I’ve tried inserting the Remote G as you would a love egg and just like all eggs they don’t seem to quite hit my spot.  This mini vibe has a shaped tip which feels nice when inserted in to you vaginal opening and is supposed to sit against your g spot once inside.  To be quite honest all I could feel was an internal buzzing which wasn’t doing it for me much as I suspected from previous eggs and love balls.

The best application for me with this type of vibe is external, clitoral stimulation but that’s not to say it wouldn’t work internally for you, these things are best experimented with to achieve the maximum pleasure.  😉

Before we left the house I slipped the Remote G in to my panties with the curved end nuzzling against my vaginal opening.  The vibrator is comfortable to wear as the bulbous end slips nicely between your pussy lips, snug against your clitoris.

I couldn’t wait for Alex to press the remote.

He kept me waiting, the tease.  We had been on the motorway for a good 10 minutes before he hit the on button.  I giggled as the Remote G burst in to life with the first of the constant vibrations.  Alex pressed the button again and I wriggled in my seat wearing the naughtiest of grins.

This spurred him on as he pressed the button once more and took the vibrations in to the escalating mode which felt good as it buzzed my pussy.  I bore down on the vibe as it pulsed between my legs, rubbing my clit firmly against it.

The vibrations intensified and I started to move from side to side massaging my clit.  Alex momentarily turned off my bullet leaving me sitting there with a look of annoyance as he smile at me, teasing me once more.

I begged him to turn it back on and he complied.  🙂

He played with the settings a few times during our trip and finally left the escalating setting to do it’s magic on me.

By the time I got to the hotel where we were staying the night I was so fucking horny but we had to check in and go to the show, there would be time for that later.  And more experimental play…

The California Exotics Remote G, Vibrating G Spot Bullet demands that you experiment with it, it’s such a versatile vibrator.  It’s also a good newbie vibe as it’s not challenging in any way and can be used in a way that you feel comfortable with.

And the best point of all it’s remotely controlled which adds to both its ease of use and provides an element of fun if you hand it to your partner.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.