Asylum Speculum
Asylum Speculum

Everyone has played Doctors and nurses haven’t they? Well if you haven’t you should it can be great fun in the bedroom, breaks down barriers and allows you to get intimate in the most detailed ways with your partner. Too often perfectly healthy, open partners hold back from exploring each other fully because of the possibility of offending each other. Any role play, including medical role play can overcome these barriers and let you both explore every facet of your kink.

That’s not to say that the actual act of a particular investigation will be directly sexual or arousing but it does mean that you will develop a healthy respect, appreciation and love of each other’s bodies. That’s exactly how I feel after using the Asylum speculum with Suze. I don’t find the idea of staring up a wide-open vagina sexually exciting, but I do find it fascinating and also value the trust that she puts in me when we do things like this.

The specula are made from hard transparent plastic with a ratchet mechanism adjacent to the fulcrum to lock the device open when it has been inserted. Each of the two specula are sealed in a separate plastic package inside the cardboard packaging so they are clean and ready for use without pre-cleansing.  They are in theory single use devices but the packaging does indicate you can use them again if they are thoroughly cleaned before storage. However using the same speculum on two different individuals carries the risk of cross infection so is a big no-no.

Insertion is easy with a little water based lube to ensure smooth passage into your partner’s vagina. Natural lubrication may be sufficient but it’s always best to play safe and add lube, especially with such an unusual implement such as this. Inside the blades open easily giving you a perfect view of an aspect of your female partner you would otherwise never see. I spread them to position three “of six, which is just a little wider than parallel. Wider would have been uncomfortable for Suze, but each to their own.

A torch is a must, after all it’s dark in there! I spent a couple of minutes genuinely intrigued by my first view of a place that I had until now only felt. As I said I didn’t feel horny because of it but it took our intimacy to a place it had never been before.

At another place and perhaps in a medical fetish scene it might have helped get me horny, maybe Suze too. As part of a BDSM scene like that the supplication of the female partner, allowing them to be subjected to the most intimate of inspection could form part of a very kinky and sexy evening of play. On their own however they didn’t light my fire.

The Specula work perfect, are easy to insert and remove and easy to clean too if you choose to re-use them. They are not however heavy duty so if you do re-use these devices check for cracking before you insert them as while they are more than strong enough for single use having one fail in use would make removal difficult. I tried to break one of the devices in my hand and while it was possible you would have to subject them to serious abuse before they failed.

A very different product, not for everyone but perfect for the kink explorers out there.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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