Hand Solo Masturbator
Hand Solo Masturbator

The ingeniously named Hand Solo sex toy is a masturbator from the British manufacturer Rocks-Off. Or is it? I’d call it more of a masturbation aid because saying this sex toy is a masturbator is missing the point. Hang on that sounds like the sort of euphemism applied to sex toys in the 1970s, you know “marital aid” . Hmm.

Whatever this product should be called what it does is simple. You slip your hand inside its handle and use it to stimulate an erect penis. Does that sound a bit dry and like one of those sex education lessons you got from the ancient biology teacher who really didn’t want to be talking to kids about conjugal beastliness? Well it wasn’t meant to but I have to say that while the name implies that use of this particular male sex toy involves a solitary act of pleasure there’s no reason why the erect penis in question has to belong to you!

First of all the facts about the Hand Solo sex toy:

  • The body of the toy is moulded from medical grade silicone as with the vast majority of Rocks-Off sex toys.
  • Again, in common with most of the Rocks-Off range the vibration is delivered by the RO-80mm bullet vibrator which uses a 1.5V Alkaline N cell for power.
  • The silicone body is formed into the stimulating section and a handle into which you slip your hand for a steady grip when lubed up.
  • The Hand Solo is total waterproof – including the RO-80mm bullet
  • The sticker on the front of the box suggests “For best results use with water based lubricant”. I’d suggest “If you want to keep the skin on your cock use with a water based lubricant!”

As I mention in the bullet points, lubrication is a must. I tried it without, just for a laugh but because silicone tends to grab your skin your range of movement before things start to be uncomfortably pulled is limited. Water based lube is what you should go for, not a silicone product because being a silicone toy there is a possibility that it may react with the body of the toy.

With your hand inside the handle your fingers naturally curl around the stimulating semi-circular half-pipe to apply pressure to the array of stimulating ridges and nubs moulded into it. Although meant for your throbbing shaft it’s quite fun to cup both your balls in the Hand Solo, for a while at least because the single speed of the RO-80mm bullet is a little intense for the sensitive orbs. 😉

And on to the masturbation.

With a few drops of good quality lube applied the hand solo slips easily up and down your erection with the bobbles and ridges moulded on the inner surface stroking and flicking your sensitive frenulum. The vibration is transmitted well to your shaft because although soft the silicone compound used is not so soft as to absorb the vibrations from the RO-80mm bullet. These stimulating bobbly bits are rounded but for the most part quite pronounced too, a feature that ensures they rub and transmit vibration well too. The toy is symmetrical on two axes so you can use it with the RO-80mm bullet’s on/off button at the top or bottom. I preferred it pointing towards my balls because it seemed more intense that way but it’s probably down to personal preference.

The Hand Solo really adds to masturbation. You feel in control, unlike a stroker or masturbator where despite some level of speed and pressure manipulation you are at the mercy of the toy’s design. This toy doesn’t try to be an ersatz vagina, it’s an uncompromising enhancement to masturbation. It’s down to personal taste and mood of course but if you are looking for a business like sex toy that is honest in its design and purpose.

The Hand Solo is easy to clean, practical and a change from the plethora of male masturbators out there. It allows you to apply vibrations to your cock during masturbation like no other toy I’ve yet tested and because of this I have to say it is a genuinely different sex toy.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.