Prostate Stimulator
Prostate Stimulator

Sex toys for men were once centred around stimulating the penis but as anal stimulation for men and in particular stimulation of the prostate has become more widely practiced sex toys like this prostate massager are appearing in increasing numbers. A sex toy review of an anal sex toy such as this is always full of surprises because in my experience a toy’s effectiveness depends very much on the user.

As with all anal sex toys plenty of good quality lube is required. The toy is made from hard ABS plastic which can be uncomfortable because of its unyielding nature but not in the case of this toy. The rigidity ensured that it was controllable and transmitted the vibrations from the powerful bullet in the tip of the prostate stimulator right on to the prostate itself. Of course from a hygiene point of view ABS is non-porous and therefore very easy to keep clean.

Suze wanted to try out this toy on me as regular readers will already know she loves the effect a good anal toy can have, and the sense of power it gives her. Naughty girl.

I waited, kneeling on all fours and let her lube me up and insert the already buzzing tip of the stimulator into my anus. The stimulator has to be switched on before you use it as there are no external controls. You turn it on by tightening the tip of the device which makes contact with the batteries and activates the vibrating mechanism. While this does keep things simple it does mean that it’s always on when you’re using it and indeed when you clean the toy after use as loosening the tip could allow water into the battery compartment.

The toy slid in very easily taking us both by surprise. It hit my prostate making me gasp and at the same time the ribbed neck of the anal toy, just above the handle rubbed my anus. Suze then spent about five minutes gently moving the toy around inside me, watching my facial expression and listening to my moans to find the most intense position for stimulation. When she had mastered the toy she reached round and took my turgid penis in hand, smearing the tip with the precum oozing from my urethra.

My balls were tightening, and I welcomed the feeling of her skilful fingers on my cock. She stroked me gently but firmly and between her pumping fist and adept use of the prostate stimulator had me on the edge of orgasm within a minute.

This prostate stimulator has a prominent raised point meant to stimulate the perineum. I found I had to ask Suze to angle it away from the sensitive skin under my balls. It was a little uncomfortable rather than stimulating, but changing the position of the stimulator in this way brought the vibrating tip into more direct contact with my prostate making this aspect of the design inconvenient but not problematic.

Suze spotted I was about to cum and released the prostate stimulator so she could grab my balls with one hand while continuing to masturbate me with the other. I came, griping the prostate massager with my anus and shuddering from the intensity of the climax. Another towel for the laundry then.  LOL

Because everyone’s body is built slightly differently it is often the case that a prostate stimulator such as this one will work well for one person and leave another cold. Luckily this toy, despite being very reasonably priced, worked really well for me. My main criticism of the toy is that because of the way it has been constructed the only way to use it without the vibration function is to remove the batteries because you have to screw the tip on tight (and therefore switch on the vibrator) to use it safely.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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