Njoy Pure Butt Plug
Njoy Pure Butt Plug

It’s a real privilege to review a sex toy as classy and beautifully produced as the Njoy Pure Butt Plug. Some sex toy reviews expose the compromises in a sex toy’s design, other sex toy testing highlights a lack of attention to detail and a finish that’s not quite up to the job. That’s not something we’ve ever found with Njoy sex toys.

From the moment you open the box and reveal the highly polished gem inside you know that you have a sex toy that will last you a lifetime and will be a pleasure to use every time you take it out of the box. This metal butt plug has an elegantly curved shape to its bulbous end, a slender curving shaft and an unusually shaped handle that I’ll cover in a moment.

Because when it comes to sex toys one size does not fit all Njoy produce the Njoy Pure Butt Plug in three sizes , 1, 1,24 1nd 1.5 inches in diameter at the widest point. The increasing size and weight mean there’s a Njoy Pure Butt Plug for everyone. The weight of these anal sex toys is one of their big selling points, steel butt plugs have a mass that can’t be achieved in any other material which in turn delivers an experience unique to these steel sex toys.

Returning to the ring at the bottom of the toy … you’re in for a nice surprise. Whereas in most butt plugs the ring or base seems a bit of an afterthought and something the designer did at half past four on a Friday just to get the design finished this one has been really well thought through. Its shape is that of an elongated ellipse and in profile the steel is formed onto a rounded triangle with softened points like that of a Wankel rotary engine’s rotor, the thickness of this profile ranging from about 10mm down to 5mm.

Every millimeter of the Njoy Pure Butt Plug’s shape is curvy, organic, flowing and highly polished. The Njoy Pure Butt Plug is wonderful just to hold and look at, let alone use.

Using the Njoy Pure Butt Plug had a few surprises not least because despite its intended tester being me it was Suze who was first to use it. I had intended to warm the plug and spend some time enjoying its delights at my leisure but we got down to some naughtiness before that could happen … one thing led to another and I could sense from the way Suze ground against me while I was screwing her on her side that she wanted her ass filled. I reached out into the bedside draw and pulled out the Pure Butt Plug. A few drops of lube and it slid inside Suze’s ass.

The weight of even the smallest Njoy Pure Butt Plug is easily discernible through the walls of your partner’s colon and vagina. Feeling the heavy weight in your lover’s ass while you slide in and out of her pussy is a naughty pleasure that I would highly recommend. Suze relished the weight and the gentle filling too, though afterwards she did point out that I should have warmed the plug up first. Being metal its ability to retain heat is matched by how cold it can feel if not properly prepared – be warned!

The next night I tried the plug myself and was not disappointed, even this, the smallest plug sat perfectly in my ass after the application of only a few drops of lube and pressed insistently against my P Spot. I lay on my back, absently twiddling and before I knew it I had an erection and precum dribbling from it. Suze is never one to turn down a screw so my intention to try the Njoy Pure Butt Plug while masturbating was abandoned in favour of a doggy style bonk.

Sadly about four or five minutes in I had to relent and remove the butt plug as this, the smallest size was in danger of escaping, perhaps the larger models would have been more appropriate. Proof again that you should choose the size of anal toys carefully. Not too big, not too small. However the effect of the intense P Spot massage was such that my orgasm was spectacular.

Njoy Pure Butt Plug Summary

The Njoy Pure Butt Plug is a quality toy and one that you and your partner might just end up fighting over.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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