Nexus Neo
Nexus Neo

When embarking on a male sex toy review like this one you have to be aware that not every man has even considered let alone tried a prostate massager or some sort of anal play.

There are certain taboos about anal play that mean men can miss out on an surprising and intense way of augmenting their sexual experiences. By taking time and using plenty of lube any man can enjoy toys like the Nexus Neo to deliver intense and satisfying orgasm.

While not the biggest anal toy I’ve used the Neo is quite large and made from hard plastic. Its lightly textured surface allows it to carry lube better than a smooth toy. Of course lube is vitally important with anal toys so this is a big plus. I have found in the past that hard plastic anal toys can be a little intense, meaning you have to be in the right frame of mind and totally relaxed to enjoy them fully.

I was therefore a little apprehensive as I lubed up the Nexus Neo and slowly introduced it to my anus. Surprisingly the toy slid in slowly but relatively easily. I applied more lube as I pushed it further inside, but never experienced the sometimes breathtaking pressure on my P Spot that I was expecting.

Instead when the toy locked into place pressing the metal ball of the perineal stimulator against the rear of my scrotum I felt filled and in control. The Neo is for me at least the best anal toy I’ve used when it comes to controllability. Without recourse to my hands I was able to adjust its position within me with contractions of the muscles in my ass and buttocks.

The pressure on my P Spot wasn’t intense but was pleasurable so as I gently tensed and released the muscles of my lower bowel I felt in total control of the Nexus Neo.

I gently played with my cock until I was fully erect and then began a slow and enjoyable wank. The occasional movement of the neo inside me caused by my own involuntary muscular contractions made me want to grip the toy tightly. In doing so the pressure on my P Spot was intensified and the whole experience of masturbation became a fusion of the sensation in the whole of my lower abdomen.

I rolled over onto my side from my initial position on my back and felt the weight of my body change the orientation of the Nexus Neo and me. A few strokes later I carefully got to my knees and with one hand for support I stroked my hard cock faster and faster.

When I came onto the towel I had laid on the bed to catch the lube I was using to facilitate the entry of the Nexus Neo my ass grasped the toy, making me feel the involuntary muscular contractions wanted to crush it out of existence. Then as I was pumping the last of my seed onto the Egyptian cotton I could feel the toy being pushed forcibly out of me.

Quite a ride.

If I have one criticism of the Nexus Neo it is that the perineal stimulator ball is in the wrong place for me. The key phrase being for me. Toys like this work better in some ways for some people than for others so this isn’t a big problems.

When it came to insertion, use, removal and cleaning this toy was great. For and intermediate anal sex toy user the size and shape of the Nexus Neo is great. It doesn’t need too much lube and is really controllable without using your hands … Leaving them free for other things.

When I removed the Nexus Neo it slid our in stages with little fuss and the hard plastic design and removable ball in the perineal stimulator could not be easier to clean.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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