Fun Factory Bloomy Butt Plug
Fun Factory Bloomy Butt Plug

The Fun Factory Bloomy Butt Plug is unlike any butt plug we’ve ever tested before, not because of its construction or some innovative vibrating function, but because of its shape.

The toy is moulded into its beautiful smooth and elegant form in top medical grade silicon by those clever people at Fun Factory. Most butt plugs have a tapering shape, thinner waist at the bottom and a wide base to stop you losing it up your you know where. The Bloomy does away with the base and replaces it with a curving loop and leaf like section which presses against the perineum when in use. The main insertable end of the toy begins as a smooth bulbous shape, then widens suddenly in the form of two petal like shapes either side of the main shaft.

This is what makes the Bloomy Butt Plug so different from other Butt plugs.

I wanted to use the Bloomy while having sex with Suze, so while she looked on I lubed up with Pjur Aqua around my anus and on the toy itself. I lay on my back on the bed and raised my knees to aid penetration.

The first section of the toy entered me easily, opening my inner and outer sphincter and leaving me feeling filled. Pressing the toy further in I felt a sudden resistance from the two “petals” half way down the shaft. After trying for several minutes to push past theses, applying extra lube and adjusting my position the Bloomy Butt Plug finally slid inside me the perineal stimulator resting satisfyingly against my skin.

In place the Bloomy feels great, it’s not too large and the soft caress of the perineal stimulator makes you want to clench your muscles, pulling the toy inside and pressing it against the sensitive skin between your scrotum and anus.

I lay for a while alternately relaxing and then clenching my buttocks to allow my body to get used to the new sensations. Each anal toy is different. I found the Fun Factory Bloomy Butt Plug to be stimulating but not too intense, soft, and yet able to press against my prostate with enough force to make me constantly aware of its presence.

Suze coaxed me to erection with a little nibbling and licking, occasionally looping round the head of my cock to gather the copious pre-cum that was oozing from it. She wanted to be fucked and I wanted to fuck her with this great little toy in my ass.

Screwing with a butt plug in intensifies the experience. The muscular movements involved in sex, particularly when fucking doggy style mean you get a prostate massage and a really intense orgasm.

Suze rolled onto her front and raised her shapely bum towards me. Her glistening pussy lips pouted at me from between her thighs. I couldn’t help lapping at her aromatic slit for a moment. She giggled as I did so and pressed back against my probing tongue.

Erection at the ready didn’t want to wait any longer and rose to my knees behind her. I shuffled between her legs, buttocks clenched. I’ve had butt plugs shoot out before when attempting this and was being cautious. I entered her and began to thrust. Her voice was muffled by the pillow that she had buried her head into. I was very excited and very large. I touched the very deepest parts of her, bouncing off her cervix and making her gasp.

Then the Bloomy flew out of my ass. Because the toy has not distinct waist at its base like most butt plugs and the involuntary muscular contractions that occur during sex it had no chance of staying in. It’s not as if I have something up my ass every night, I have a very tight sphincter, it’s just the Bloomy’s shape that let me down.

However, undeterred I continued to pound away inside Suzanne, every stroke punctuated with the sensuous collision of my groin with her buttocks. When the shattering orgasm arrived I just wished the Bloomy Butt Plug had remained inside me to make the moment that little bit sweeter.

Used during masturbation, or perhaps in a slightly different position the Fun Factory dildo would be perfect. It’s a quality product at an affordable price. Its design is attractive and it works well. As a beginner to intermediate level toy I highly recommend it. My two reservations are that it simply will not stay in during doggy style shagging and the leap of faith that’s required to give the toy that little extra push to get “over the hump” when inserting it.

Fun Factory Bloomy Butt Plug

The Bloomy Butt Plug is another winner from Fun Factory!

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.