Zolo Stax Mix N’ ‘Match Masturbator
Zolo Stax Mix N’ ‘Match Masturbator

The Zolo Stax Mix N’ Match Masturbator claims to be “The most versatile masturbator”. The implication being “in the world” I assume, though that’s not explicitly expressed on the box. And versatility (whatever that means in masturbator terms) is second in my opinion to effectiveness. But enough of my sarcasm about the claims on the box, what’s this masturbator actually like?
Well, to be honest it’s unlike any other I’ve tried. Of the two Zolo masturbator products I’ve tried previously both have been similar to those of other manufacturers. This is very different, which may be a good or bad thing.

Whereas other designs and ranges of male sex toy try to deliver different experiences by offering a range of inserts or even complete toys to vary the experience of masturbation this one takes another approach. The holder can accommodate up to five inserts. Three inserts are provided with the holder in the Mix N’ Match box. You can buy the three other inserts for £9.95 each separately. They have the names “lose hole”, “virgin hole” and “dome texture”. Forgive me but I find the term “hole” in this context a bit offensive, though I suppose orifice would have been too long for the packaging. LOL

So, the idea is that you select your favourite inserts, stack them in the holder and voila! You have a custom sensation every time you masturbate. Or you would except that there’s one thing missing from the box. Lube.

How much does it cost to add a sachet of lubricant to a sex toy? Not a lot. And if you don’t have any to hand you might be tempted to use something unsuitable in your eagerness to try out your new purchase. Without it things are going to get a little sore. OK, a lot sore.

The textured part of the insert is made from soft TPR held in an ABS plastic ring, like a large polo. The holder too is ABS plastic. You start trying to push your erection into the TPR insert and, well ouch. So grab some good quality water based lubricant and get going, which is what I’m going to do right now.

Using the Zolo Stax was to say the least, an experience. It is quite bulky making handling it while masturbating a bit distracting. Even for someone like me who has quite large hands. This is compounded by the fact that the inserts seem to want to pop out of the holder when you use them. When your erection is inside the rings they stay put but I was a bit worried one might partly slide out as I withdrew my cock only to have me collide with it as I pushed back inside.

Of the three inserts themselves only the nobly one really did it for me, the others seemed ineffective for stimulation.

Do I Like The Zolo Stax Mix N’ Match Masturbator?

Oh goodness me, what a question. I’d like to say I liked the Stax Mix N’ Match masturbator because it tries so hard to please. But I can’t. Yes, it does stimulate. To an extent . However the slightly wibbly holder and not entirely effective insert didn’t make for a great masturbatory experience. And if you want to try the other three inserts it’s going to cost you another £30. Ouch!

For anyone who noticed the missing apostrophe in the title of this review, that’s what Zolo call this product! Strictly speaking there should be one either side of the N.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.