My First Anal Kit
My First Anal Kit

I just had the most incredible sexual experience in a while and I was so excited by it I had to get up out of bed and write this to tell you all about it.

Winding back a little…we were sent My First Anal Kit from Topco by to test drive. Alex decided as I was an anal newbie that he would try this out, I agreed with hope in my heart that one day soon I will be testing this too. 😉

Before the testing I want to give you the low down on what this toy kit is about:

This is a two part kit and very good value for money, first we have the vibrating butt plug with t-bar shape for lock and load 😉 and the second part of this kit is the anal beads. I couldn’t wait to get started.

You couldn’t tell could you?

It was Sunday night, traditionally a night that when we feel quite pissed off and tense with Monday looming but for some reason we just let go. And we were so glad we did.

We started the evening with a good doggie style fuck. I must have come three times before Alex blew his load deep inside me. Me sated, it was time following a good clean up in the bathroom of course to fuck his tight little ass. 😉 *wicked laugh*

No porn on the television this time, didn’t even consider it…Stephen Fry is on the box doing his around America tour. I don’t care I want to fuck Alex’s ass. I make him raise up on to all fours on the fuck towel with his ass pointing at me. That’s mine!

I grab the lube from his hand, he already knew which one I would require Pjur Aqua Gel  It has been ages since we indulged in some anal play for either party, I think that was why I was so horny about it, and got ready to use our new anal sex toy.

Drip, drip and then we are ready to go. I run the end of the vibe against his puckered little asshole, see how it shines as the lube moistens that sweet opening. I stop encircling his anus and start to deliver my payload. Pushing gently but firmly against his resistant sphincter. I don’t have to wait too long before he is opening himself for me. He is relaxed and compliant.

I eagerly watch as the tip of the vibe sinks deep inside his ass. I turn on the vibrations and ask which is best suited to his mood. He settled for the pulse setting ( I think it was the third one), he tells me that the continuous doesn’t arouse him as much. I comply.

Another squirt of lube and I’m gently pushing the vibe against the resistance of his outer sphincter. It gives in and finally lets me probe deep inside him. I’m checking out the towel underneath him at the same time and he is dripping pre cum form his semi hard cock. I’m turned on, fuck…I’m turned on.

With one more push he takes the lot, right up the t-bar hilt. He is groaning like a man on the edge and I feel powerful, sexual and so randy I’m puffed up and seeping come. I leave him there with his feelings and sensations enjoying. No … savouring the moment, as his sphincter twitches in front of me.

I turn off the remote, leaving the vibe inside his ass and he remains motionless on his elbows, ass in the air.

“You can take it out now and put the beads in”, he instructs.

Gently but firmly I pull on the vibe, watching, observing his sphincter contractions. Pulling out at the right moment of ease. Fully out I wrap it in some toilet tissue and place it to one side, there are far more pressing events.

I take the anal beads and squeeze a generous drop of lube on the first. I have never used these myself or on anyone else. I haven’t even seen them used in porn. The prospect of using them on my lover was driving me insane.

His ass was already shining with lube from his previous encounter which was good, it would enable him to be penetrated far more easily being well lubricated from his previous anal adventure.

I pushed the first bead against his ass and to my surprise it was “gobbled up”, that is quite literally what happened. Once I pushed the bead against his outer sphincter he sucked it up almost immediately. It was gone from site. I was starting to get quite randy. ;0 There appears to be a knack to this, you have to slide the bead to the top, up to the knot from the previous bead and then push it inside.

Time for the second, again with a drop of lube and a tiny push he took it like a good boy. And almost as if saying thank you he pouted and retracted his anus before my eyes twice. This is quite a spectacle, watching his ass pout and then pull the bead deep inside, seeing the knot follow deep inside his ass.

It’s all a matter of timing, if you push the bead in to his opening the second sphincter picks it up and pulls in inside. Then you get a two beat pulse before it is opening and ready for the next. There is certainly a rhythm to inserting anal beads, you just have to watch the movement of the outer sphincter to know.

By now I am so ready for it I’m leaching come. The last ball in place I ask Alex what he can now feel. He is aware that something is inside him but unable to discern exactly what. He asks me to remove the anal beads.

Gently I pull on the plastic cord which is good for it allows tension but also eases with the ability of it’s stretch. I look for clues and can quite clearly see Alex’s anus pulse when I tug on the nylon cord and at the given moment it opens and I extract the first bead.

It is simply a case of timing. You pull gently against the tension and then when it relaxes almost as if spitting out the bead, his ass lets go its hold and another bead appears. Three balls later Alex is groaning that he just gave birth to last ball but also disappointed that it was the last ball to leave him.

I looked down at the towel and it had a huge wet patch where Alex had obviously dribbled.

All I can say is I like this set, it made me mentally orgasm and I can’t adequately express how much Alex got out of this. He will have to tell you.

Alex fuck me…

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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