Love Pacifier Butt Plug
Love Pacifier Butt Plug

Some people I suppose are anal naturals and others take some time to slip in to the groove. 😉 To aid my transition I asked the guys over at if they could send over what looked like the perfect sex toy for my second big anal adventure.

The California Exotics Love Pacifier looked the ideal toy for me, not too challenging size wise and constructed from soft and flexible materials.

I have tried one butt plug previously which fitted very comfortably and added a little something extra to the evening. Anal for me has to be an accompaniment to a good fuck, probably due to the fact that I am at my most relaxed during a good penetrative sex session. 😉

A beginner has to establish grounds which are comfortable for them in terms of relaxation so they can benefit from the anal penetration to its full extent. Put simply, unless you are relaxed nothing is going up there, least not comfortably.

I washed my new anal toy and put it on top of Alex’s draws along with a bottle of lube so that it was within reach when I felt comfortable being double penetrated. 😉 It’s no good having to fumble around looking for lube and toy when your partner is ready to go. The moment may pass before you find your toy.

There is very little to tell you about my new toy except

It is made from 100% silicone and is body friendly
Easy to insert with its ergonomic shape
Has an easy pull handle which flexes and doesn’t get in the way 🙂
Insertable length is 2.25” with a diameter of 1.25”

We needed an early night after looking after little nephew over the weekend and decided to watch a little of my favourite porn DVD to get us in the mood. It’s a great accompaniment to sex because the soundtrack is music rather grunting and groaning, so your neighbours have no idea what you are watching.

Alex climbed between my legs as I watched the girl in the chair frigging herself off. He pushed his hard cock in to me and I arched my back to meet his thrusts, exposing my g-spot fully for his stimulation.

It felt good and I bit the lobe of his ear gently as he leaned in to me bucking gently between my thighs. “Fuck me”, I whispered in to his ear. Then I flicked my tongue against his neck, running it up and down the length of his carotid artery. He moaned appreciatively and I responded by coming on his hard cock.

He took hold of my left breast gently kneading and rolling it under his hand. His fucking was slow and comforting. I placed my hands on his shoulders and pulled him towards me running my nails down his back firmly but not too harsh to break the skin. 😉 Alex raised his head towards the ceiling and growled like an animal in heat.

I gestured to move and pulled away from Alex’s hard throbbing cock. Taking up position on the other side of the mattress I took to all fours, my head resting on his pillow. He adjusted position so he was now behind me and pushing his cock head between my wet pussy lips. A few thrusts later I knew I was ready.

“Lets try the butt plug”, I suggested. Alex leaned over to the side, cock still inside me and grabbed both the lube and the Love Pacifier which had so patiently waited for its moment. I was so aroused by now that I just couldn’t wait to try my new toy, although with slight trepidation, hoping that it would be a pleasant entry.

On haunches I eagerly awaited my ass being pentrated. I felt the cold lube first, then the gently smearing, followed by a very gentle pressure as Alex pushed against my tightly puckered ass. Without resistance it seemed to slip inside me and I felt full and very turned on at the thought of it’s visible presence in my ass. I knew Alex would be loving it. 😉

Then I felt Alex’s cock slip back inside my vagina a comforting feeling as he seemed to rub against my inhabited colonic wall. It felt good, I felt aroused, wet and another orgasm loomed on the horizon as he picked up his stroke once more.

He fucked me like it was his first time, fast, furious and with an urgency that saw both of us coming in unison. Being double teamed felt so good. 😉

Once the afterglow subsided I let Alex slip the butt plug from me and we both lay together sated, emotionally charged and sated.

This toy is ideal for me and any first timer. It feels comfortable in situ and is easy to insert and remove. And best of all the handle is not obstructive once in place, so you can fuck to your hearts content.

If you haven’t tied anal before I suggest you give this a try it could be just the thing you have been looking for. 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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