Fun Factory Duke Massager
Fun Factory Duke Massager

The Fun Factory Duke is a prostate massager made from high quality silicone and fitted with a removable custom made bullet. It is part of the “Click n Charge” range of Fun Factory sex toys which means that not only do all the Click n Charge toys you own share one charger but they also have the advantage of an easy to use magnetic connection that ensures ease of attachment and release from the charger.

Click n Charge toys also have a further advantage. Because the electrical connection to the toy is made without any sort of plug and socket the toy is completely waterproof making the Duke, like all the other Click n Charge toys completely waterproof and much easier to clean than “splash proof” offerings from other manufacturers.

The shape of the Duke certainly looked promising and when I unpacked the toy from its box I couldn’t wait to try it out as it has two different ends to try. One end is slightly bulbous and forms a simple but effective butt plug. The other end curves around and while being simmer its “U” shape places the vibrating section of the toy on your perineum when in use.

In short you get two toys in one with the Duke, a simple vibrating butt plug and a dual stimulating anal/prostate stimulator.

The silky textured finish of the Duke vibrator takes lube well and with a little anal lube it slid into place. I tried the bulbous end first and wasn’t disappointed. Small enough for anal beginners its shape is shaped so that its presence is very satisfying, especially if you work it in and out a little. When inserted this way round the other half of the toy ends up between your legs, allowing easy access to the vibrator controls and allowing you to close your thighs around the toy and hold it there hands free. It’s therefore very easy to masturbate and feel the full intensity of a prostate augmented orgasm using the duke in this way.

When I used the Duke the other way around the anal stimulation from the less bulbous and slightly smaller tip was less intense internally, however the extra sensation of the vibrating bullet meant the experience of masturbating with the toy in this position was no less intense. Because the toy’s construction of quite soft silicone I was concerned that the bullets vibrations would be heavily dampened but that is not the case. The high amplitude, low frequency (in comparison to other anal sex toys) transmits really well through the moulding. Added to that the fact that the silicone is so soft means the toy doesn’t present you with a struggle to find a comfortable position in which to use it as with toys made from harder materials.

The vibrating bullet is completely removable for easy of cleaning and charging, though can be charged in place within the toy. It has three constant speeds and three programmed modes, the latter being the most pleasurable for me. The deep throbbing they produce had me grinding my hips to find the optimum position for the most full-on experience.

The Fun Factory Duke prostate massager is a really effective sex toy. It’s hypoallergenic, being made from high grade silicone and has been designed with an expert knowledge of the male body meaning its small size in comparison to some prostate massagers does not mean it’s ineffective. This is a toy for beginners to anal stimulation those who want good vibrations without feeling too “filled”. Remember although this toy comes with a sachet of lube you’ll need to buy some good quality water based lube to use this after the tiny sachet is exhausted. And of course if this is your first Click n Charge sex toy you will need a charger too. Have fun!


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.