Nexus O
Nexus O

The Nexus O is one of the most unusual male sex toys available. Most prostate stimulators, including those from Nexus themselves are shaped as obviously insertable toys, often with contours that match the internal anatomy of a male very closely.

The Nexus O is rather different. It’s “O” like shape, with three balls punctuating its ends and middle could be best described as abstract when related to its purpose. Yes, you’re supposed to insert one end into your ass, but it’s only when you actual put the Nexus O into action that you understand exactly how it works.

Being an anal toy the Nexus O is meant to stimulate the prostate and perineum. Positioning is therefore very important. The O has enough length to reach your P-Spot (male G-Spot or prostate) easily, the rest of the length reaches round and presses on your perineum.

The spreading of the O that this causes coupled with the elasticity of the medical grade silicone from which it is made means that the toy presses against your prostate. The amount of pressure depends on your position so as you move your prostate is massaged and you can control how the inserted section massages your P-Spot.

I let Suze insert the Nexus O by getting onto all fours and waiting for the dribble of water based lube to run down between my ass cheeks. I find that in itself a very nice sensation. When she pressed the ball of the O against my hole I was expecting a little more resistance than it encountered. Other toys are shaped to give a slow, tapering lead-in to make entry easier, the O’s spherical end is more abrupt in reaching its maximum diameter. But because the O is not huge it slipped in quite easily.

At this point it’s often the case that your ass draws a toy in until it sits in the position. But because the O doesn’t have that anatomically modelled shape you have to gently push the toy until the tip presses against your prostate.

You can then position the external end on your perineum and adjust your position to massage your P-Spot. I let Suze have a play to begin with, gently rocking the O, making me gasp. I felt her hand grasp my cock and massage it as the blood began to fill it.

The pressure on my prostate caused me to dribble clear precum which Suze rubbed around my sensitive glans making the experience more intense. I quickly became hard but felt myself wanting to control the experience so pushed Suze gently away to the position of spectator and sat on my haunches.

As I settled with my butt cheeks on my heels I felt a great pressure on my P-Spot. Each change in position brought new sensations. The pressure externally, just behind my balls, the O inside me squeezing my prostate and my hand now stroking my cock.

Suze watched expectantly, enjoying the spectacle of me wanking.

I became engrossed in my masturbation. With my ass clenched on the Nexus O and my hand pumping with increased ferocity I could feel the precum oozing from my cock and coating my foreskin. I rolled my hips gently from side to side, increasing the intensity of the stimulation both inside and out.

I let myself go. I felt a burning hot orgasm rip through me from the small of my back, into my groin then out across my body. Hot cum jetted from the end of my cock and fell onto my hand and across my left thigh.

Suze was sitting cross-legged, smiling when I opened my eyes. She reached into the beside draw (brimming with sex toys as you can imagine) and said “Now it’s your turn to watch me …”

The Nexus O is unconventional and effective. Its simple shape makes it easy to clean and it’s very easy to use, even for a relative beginner for anal stimulation. Guys you really should try an anal sex toy for use during sex or masturbation. You’ll find it adds a new dimension to your orgasms, and the Nexus O is one of the easiest and most effective prostate massagers available.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.