Aneros Progasm
Aneros Progasm

Glenn Hill has over 25 years of experience in the adult toys industry. He is the owner of the popular Melbourne, Australia based boutique adult store Sexy Secrets, which also includes a large online offering and party planning service.”

Having worked in the sex industry for over 25 years and seeing first-hand the evolution of sex toys from the late 80’s until today, it has always struck me that it is a woman’s world when it comes to the incredible variety of quality pleasure products available. Up until recently, guys have had the option of cock rings, strokers and the occasional couples vibrator like We-Vibe. Yet in recent years sex toy manufacturers have caught on that there is a growing market for well-designed, well thought out and dependable male sex toys.

The root of this growth in quality male sex toys comes down to the understanding that for men, as for women, not all orgasms are the same – and that men’s bodies respond to stimulation in different ways. It is a known fact that stimulating the G-Spot can escalate the female orgasm to new heights. As such, there’s an array of products sold today with just that in mind. Yet just like the female G -spot, men have an equivalent P-spot that when massaged will intensify our sexual arousal to levels otherwise probably not even imagined.

Where exactly is the male P-Spot? This is the first objection that so many men have – isn’t the Prostate located in the anus? The simple answer is “yes it is” – but before you switch off and say “anal sex, that isn’t for me”, first learn the facts about the arousal and health benefits, and the great devices available today to stimulate your Prostate effectively and hygienically. It will probably change your mind. Put simply, sex toys that stimulate the P-Spot intensify your orgasm as much as tenfold, assist with combating impotence and increase sexual performance. It’s also been shown to help stave off Prostate Cancer.

Where is the male P-spot?

Your Prostate Gland or P-spot is about the equivalent of 2 knuckles into the anal canal, positioned forwards or behind the testicles and bladder. It’s about the size and shape of a chestnut. Gently massaging the Prostate Gland with either the index finger or a specially shaped prostate massager will stimulate the gland – and if this is performed while sexually peaking, it will provide you an orgasm likened to the one experienced when a woman has multiple orgasms – longer, stronger and much more intense.

Nothing beats the feel of your lover’s finger massaging your P-spot gently in a circular motion, tapping it or stroking it continuously while in the midst of passionate love making. Yet for many men – and some women – this is a difficult leap, so they never try at all. If this is you, don’t be put off. There are many products that can serve the purpose just as effectively without having to start by using your fingers. For many men, these toys open the door to a whole new world of incredible and safe sexual experiences.

Of course if you are comfortable in exploring anal play, it is highly recommended that you stay hygienic. You can use a condom placed over fingers or latex gloves in conjunction with a good quality anal lubricant for any form of anal sex. And it is not recommended that you use a finger to stimulate the P-spot if you have any cuts. Also keep your fingernails trim so as not to cause any damage to the prostrate.

Sex tip: You can also massage the Prostate externally and achieve amazing orgasms by firmly applying pressure either in a circular or rubbing motion with your fingers or knuckles to the Perineum. This is the area located between the testicles and sphincter.

Finding the Right Toy

I have worked in the adult industry for many years, from managing an adult retail store, wholesaling adult products to finally owning my own boutique adult store, website and party plan business. I’ve seen almost every gimmick, low quality toy and outrageous claim that has made its way through the adult industry in this time. I’ve also seen the recent introduction of some really high quality male sex toys. When it comes to Prostrate stimulator, I recommend the Aneros Helix syn model, which I believe is particularly great for beginners.

The Aneros Helix syn appeals to both sight and touch, which is essential in a great sex toy. Its silky texture feels smooth, seamless and soft against the skin, while its colour combination (black and red) is appealing and stylish to look at. It is an ideal size and shape for of someone who has never used a Prostate stimulator previously. Finally, this is one product that my customers are almost always happy with.

I am an advocate for all men to introduce a Prostate massager into their sex life, as it is key to achieving intense and powerful orgasms not possible otherwise. The key is to do your research first

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.