Ceramix No3 Butt Plug
Ceramix No3 Butt Plug

Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, believe me I’ve been reviewing sex toys long enough to have seen a few. The Pipedream Ceramix No3 isn’t the largest I’ve seen, or the weirdest shape but it stands out in a number of ways.

Visually it has a shape I’ve seen before but not a colour scheme that I had come across before the eroFame show in Hanover last year. The Ceramix range really stands out with Pipedream taking real advantage of the vivid colours possible when you’re using ceramic materials. This particular model has a red tip, a narrow white ring, black section and finally a white base section.

As well as the unusual materials from which it is made and the bright colours this butt plug can be filled with water at a temperature of your choice so you can indulge in “temperature play” whether you like a cool sex toy penetrating you or being invaded by a warm butt plug then the No 3 butt plug can oblige. There’s a warning not to fill the hollow butt plug with water that’s too hot, but that’s just to cover Pipedream isn’t it, I mean nobody would be that stupid would they?

The finish of the No3 is totally smooth, indeed shiny and as this is a ceramic butt plug it’s effectively inert too so there are no chemicals to worry about that might cause adverse reactions.

Water based lubricant in hand I attempted to test out this butt plug after first filling it with a little warm water. It felt comfortable at first against the opening to my anus which made me feel relaxed which is always a good thing with anal play. However when I tried to push the tip inside me I found I could not. I applied more lubricant and again gently pushed, then circled around the opening and finally pressed quite insistently against my ring.

After ten minutes of trying at various angles of entry I put this butt plug to one side and retrieved a similar side metal butt plug from my toy box. I chose metal as the surface finish is also smooth and would test if I was simply a little too tight to take the Ceramix No3 butt plug. After only a few seconds the metal plug slid effortlessly inside before settling into place. After washing both the Ceramix plug and the metal one I found the only real difference was that the metal plug is slightly more conical at the tip, in contrast to the rounded tip of the Cermaix No3 butt plug. Maybe this was the reason for my difficulties – resolved to try it again the following night …

… I tried again. After a number of minutes I found the very steep angle at which the No3 Butt Plug would enter me and managed to get the bulbous end inside. However, even with more lube and gentle persuasion attempting to push the plug further inside was just uncomfortable. The shape just isn’t right for me – as I’ve found with anal toys, some work really well, other just OK and the rest like this one are just plain uncomfortable. It’s about the shape not the size of the toy and for others this might be a great anal sex toy.

This colourful little butt plug is about 12cm in length and 2.75 across at its widest point. It’s good for temperature play and easy to clean so while it didn’t work for my anatomy it has a lot going for it. Unfortunately you’ll not know if it works for you until you’ve bought and tried it.






By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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