Doxy Massager
Doxy Massager

Back in the day the Hitachi Magic Wand was a revelation to lots of wanton ladies in need of a good time when possessing sex toys was either frowned upon or  illegal in some states in America.

The solution to this growing need was a pedestrian massager which was available from any medicinal outlet.  Little did they know just how popular it would become as a “Personal Massager”.  The days of having to sit atop the washer on full spin cycle were gone.  Women had now found a new way to get their thrills.

Since the demise of the Hitachi Magic Wand there have been many contenders for its throne.  They came in all shapes and sizes just like the ladies who used them, available in battery, rechargeable and mains powered versions.

Just like the Doxy Massager, which I’m proud to say is produced here in the UK.  In Cornwall to be precise.  Hurray for British technology.  *waves flag in the air*  lol

The Doxy Massager is presented in a very clean lined, non fussy box which works in its favour because it hints at quality.  Especially as there is both a British and European Union flag emblazoned on the side of the external sleeve.

The front of the sleeve clearly depicts the contents within with a larger than life image.  Once the external sleeve is slipped from the box the inside is a little disappointing.  The manila interior box is very industrial and far from what you expect when you slide the cover off a product with such a generous price tag.

Unlike the Hitachi which comes with a transformer for use in Britain, the Doxy Massager has an integral transformer which makes it look far superior to the “make and do” Hitachi Magic Wand.

With the Doxy you have the option of 3 x colour ways, black, pink or classic white, each with a trio of push button controls.  And again the Doxy’s settings are far superior to the Hitachi Magic Wand which offered just 2 x speed settings.  With this little lady you don’t just get multi-speed vibrations but also an escalating mode with variable speed.

Sounding good up to now!  😉

Overall the look and feel of the Doxy is far more superior to the Hitachi Magic Wand and both the head and the length are longer.

So let’s take a look at Doxy girl’s finer points.

  • Is mains powered, so no need to worry about ensuring you have a good stock of batteries to hand.
  • Has an easy to use 3 x button interface.
  • Offers multispeed constant vibration, increased or decreased using the + & – buttons.  Additionally there is an escalating mode which can be entered by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds.  You can then use the + or – button to change the speed.  Love it!  😉
  • Has 3 x meters of cord so you can get to all those hard to reach places.
  • Can reach up to 9,000 RPM for intensified massage.

So let’s see what she’s like in practice.


I lay prostrate and naked on top of the duvet.  The bedroom’s ambient temperature was very agreeable with nudity which left me feeling relaxed as I sunk my rounded breasts in to the softness of the duvet.

Alex knows me too well.  He set too on my lower back, a spot I occasionally have a bit of trouble with especially if I haven’t been to gym.

The constant setting felt good when applied to my flesh, rumbling gently and firmly against the muscles beneath.  He added a little more speed which felt great when coupled with slow circles over my skin.

I was just starting to melt in to the fabric of the quilt cover when he changed the setting to escalation on full speed.  The deep thrumming vibrations were now rippling through me, seemingly applying a deep massage to the point of contact.

For me this mode was at its best when the Doxy is placed on the ache and left in place.  Allowing those escalating vibrations to do their job without the need for movement.

Now feeling relaxed, I reached behind me and took a firm hold of the Doxy Massager rolling over on to my back.

It was now time for the “Happy Finish”.  😉

With the massager still in escalating mode I held it against my pudenda, the vibrations took me by surprise and I twitched briefly.  Then soon settled in to that deep thrumming action.

Oooh…that felt so good.

Totally oblivious to anything else I continued to hold the Doxy Massager against my swollen pussy lips.

Moments later I was twitching once again, this time it was with the onslaught of orgasm.  So enjoyable that I went if for a second.  A third was beyond my reach.  Spent I had to concede.

Maybe next time…

The Doxy Massager excelled my expectations.  I expected a mudane “seen it all before” type of massager and was pleasantly pleased with its versatility and power.  Whether it be for massage of the back or clitoris this one is a keeper.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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