Rocks-Off Cheeky-Boy
Rocks-Off Cheeky-Boy

Whether you call it a prostate massager, prostate stimulator or prostate vibrator you know that a review of the Cheeky-Boy from Rocks-Off is not just any sex toy review it’s most definitely a male sex toy review. Whereas many sex toys can be enjoyed by men and women with a little ingenuity this type of prostate stimulator can only be fully appreciated by a man. Inserted in the rectum and applying pressure and vibrations to the prostate through the wall of the colon is what this toy and those like it aim to do.

You might be wondering why companies like Rocks-Off produce such a range of designs just in their male anal toys. The answer is simple, firstly because there are different levels of “expertise” in anal and while some men like eye-wateringly large anal toys the average first timer prefers a smaller model. Secondly because each design can produce drastically differing results dependant on its size, shape and curvature. Prostate stimulation is a very personal thing and the range of male anal sex toys from Rocks-Off reflects this.

The Cheeky-Boy comprises two main assemblies, the single-piece silicone form and its vibrating engine, an RO-80mm bullet.

The insertable section of the Cheeky-Boy comprises four balls, the one on the tip only slightly smaller than the rest and with a gently narrowed end to ease insertion. The section of the silicone form which sites outside the body rests against the perineum and has a flat face with three rounded ridges moulded onto it, presumably to aid stimulation. The venerable RO-80mm bullet has one speed and as always arrives with a paper insulating disk at the control-end of the battery compartment that has to be removed before use.

Use of a good quality lube, preferably one designed for anal play is essential here. Water based or a compatible silicone lube should be selected, not petroleum jelly as this is bad for you and can damage the toy. Even with silicone lubes you should check before you play that they will not attack the surface of a silicone toy like this.

I lay back in bed on a towel and applied some lube to my ass and the toy. The slightly pointed tip made it easy to find the opening of my anus and a gentle push opened me up for the first ball to slip inside. I waited a moment then pushed again to ease the second section of the Cheeky-Boy into my ass. I let myself relax. Even though this isn’t a huge toy it’s always best to let your body become accustomed to its presence so that your rectum doesn’t spasm or try to eject it.

With the third ball inside I could feel my prostate being squeezed and by the time the fourth had entered and the toy locked into place against my perineum my tongue was in my throat and precum was oozing from my cock onto my belly. I waited for several minutes, every movement of my torso shifting the toy’s alignment and making me shiver. My hand reached down and held my penis. I slowly stroked it into a semi-erect state but held back from coaxing it to full erection until I was happy that the toy had been accepted by my body. When it did I pressed the button and started the single speed bullet.

I clasped my legs together and with some difficulty manoeuvred myself to my knees where I began to stroke my cock in earnest. Now hard I was enjoying the involuntary tensing of the muscles in my ass around the toy. Each wave of contractions pressed my prostate and forced more clear precum over my swollen glans until my cock and finger became covered in it.

I leaned forward, supporting myself on one hand and my knees, getting the pressure on my P-Spot just right while pumping my cock with my fist.

Suze came in at this point and sat on the edge of the bed not wanting to interfere with my self-pleasure but enjoying as always the spectacle. I played with the thought of her watching me cum in my mind in so doing took myself over the edge.

Suze read my body language and suddenly said “You’re going to miss the towel!”

I stopped my steady wanking for a moment. Then I felt her hand on my wrist, encouraging me to continue and looked down to see her other hand cupped in front of my cock. I carried on masturbating, my ass now clenched and prostate gripped in the massaging vibrating frenzy of the Cheeky-Boy. I shook when I came, whimpering a cry of exquisite agony. I was vaguely aware of my cum splashing into Suze’s cupped palm.

I slumped back onto my haunches, eyes closed and heard Suze’s voice say “Now what am I supposed to do with this?” as she sat with a palm full of hot cum.

Cheeky-Boy Prostate Stimulator Summary

The Cheeky-boy is an anal toy that would suit beginner to intermediate level anal toy lovers. You may not be able to take all of the Cheeky Boy on your first attempt if you are an anal virgin, mainly due to the curvature rather than its modest size. However practice makes perfect and steadily increasing the penetration of this toy over several uses will deliver the full, intense stimulation that a toy like this provides. Relax, enjoy and explore a new level of orgasmic delight via anal stimulation with The Cheeky-Boy from Rocks-Off.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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