JimmyJane Form 3
JimmyJane Form 3

When a representative from Jimmyjane contacted me suggesting that I test and sex toy review their latest progeny I simply couldn’t refuse.  Historically I’ve only reviewed one other toy from this manufacturer and it was some time ago but left lasting memories, it was the Form 6.

As you may gather from the earlier statement I was impressed with both the quality and design of the Form 6 with its dual engines, something completely new to the world of sex toys at the time.  Now some years later I’m looking at the Jimmyjane Form 3 in very much the same way.

They have completely revolutionised the one thing that I didn’t like about the Form 6 which incidentally had nothing to do with the toy but the charging unit which was difficult to use because alignment had to be so precise that it made it awkward to get that position just right.  Although I do believe in later models they developed the charging unit making it more user friendly.

Jimmyjane have now developed a new universal recharging base for their Form 2, 3 and to be released 4, simply sit the base of the toy on the stand ensuring the contacts line up and away you go.  It also means of course, that you can use just one charger for all your toys which has to be green.

The shape of the Jimmyjane Form 3 sits well in the hand, the word ergonomic springs to mind. The bulbous end nuzzling snugly in the palm and the soft, flexible concave tip resting just under the finger.   Unlike other massagers/vibrators this one is designed to be more intimate, as the soft silicone membrane is strong but thin enough to facilitate give tactile feedback to the area being stimulated and back to the finger.

This toy encourages you to let your fingers do the walking and seek out new places to stimulate and excite as your finger becomes a vibrator.  You could caress your partner, tease their nipples or for deeper intimacy their perineum.  Perhaps you may just want to tease applying digital vibration to their erogenous zones.

The Form 3 has many applications but the one which appealed to me the greatest from the moment I pressed the + button and placed my middle finger in the soft silicone hammock was…clit vibe.  I’m always on the look out for new clitoral vibrators as they seem to be the least catered for area in female sex toys.

Now I have to hold that thought whilst I give you a rundown of the Form 3’s finer qualities…and do hurry reading because I’m eager to take you with me in to my boudoir.  😉

Flexible design which facilitates targeted stimulation.

  • Rechargeable for greener living.
  • One charge providing 7 hours of vibratory pleasure.
  • Easy feel controls for speed and function.
  • Offering 4 vibration modes with 5 levels of intensity.
  • Fully waterproof and you know what that means you naughty people who like a bit of wet and wild fun.
  • Very powerful but whisper quiet in operation.
  • Can be locked for travel so you don’t start something during travel, unlike me last year on my way back from Venus in Berlin.  Lol

Right!  You coming?

I pressed the + button firing the Form 3 in to life.  After moving through the speed/vibratory settings I found an escalating mode which was so good it made my toes curl back, don’t ask me which one at this moment in time but fuck that was good!

My clit was now dry and I withdrew the vibe and licked the underside, slipping it back between my pussy lips, seating it against my bulging clitoris.  It needed that little something else and I knew exactly what that was.

I started to move my finger in circular motions over my clit as the escalating setting did its best.  The combination of my ministrations and the vibratory power of the Form 3 had me curling my toes back, which hailed only one thing…I was about to come.

Flushed, breathless with heart beating I was enveloped in my sweet release.  This may be a luxury toy but the experience is too, it’s quite unlike any other massager/vibrator.  With other vibrators of this kind I’ve found the intimacy is lacking, you can’t feel the warm flesh beneath as you massage and glide.

This can be enjoyed either solo or with your partner, by amateur and pro’s alike.  It’s a good all round toy.  The one thing which does let this toy down is the packaging, for such an exclusive pleasure object you would expect more than a standard cardboard box with a cheap flimsy plastic insert.  I really think Jimmyjane should rethink their presentation, I’ve received much cheaper toys dressed in finer clothes, you don’t even get a pouch to store it in.  Tut, tut!

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.