Discover Your LoverDiscover Your Lover is a game from the good people at Tease & Please. Like many of the adult themed games on the market it is designed to help you enjoy a fun and passionate evening with your significant other.

The game is played on a board, following a path of 55 numbered positions laid out as a pentagram. No, I don’t think you do have to be a master of the occult to play and enjoy this game but following the rules does require a little concentration so I’d recommend you bone-up on them before your soirée de l’amour.

The game is billed as one where anything is possible, with the consent of your lover. But then if your lover is so consenting why do you need a game? Well, you don’t but games like this always add the random element to your love-play and that’s a great thing. My main criticism of this game is that the rules are so complicated that understanding them when your mind is, shall we say, elsewhere, is quite difficult.

The tasks you are required to perform range from the intimate and sensual to very naughty. So if you’re not quite at the stage where you’re comfortable with your partner this game may not be for you.

The other criticisms I have are that the question cards tended to be a bit monotonous and a large proportion of those we drew during our playing of the game were from a US survey commissioned by Durex. All of the questions were interesting, but they were not in themselves very erotic.

The questions that we found most interesting were those asked by one partner, posing a question about themselves to the other. That is, for example, “Where do I like to be kissed?” or “Would I recognise your penis in a line-up?”

Then there’s the colour coding of the game squares and the question cards. It’s very difficult to see in low-light, so playing by candlelight is very difficult.

That sounds like a lot of criticisms of a game that in all fairness has a lot of good points.

At the start you tell your partner your ultimate desire, the winner gets their ultimate desire fulfilled by the loser. Suze told me hers and I told her mine. Suze then pointed out that I would have difficulty persuading Sarah Beany and Kirsty Alsop to turn up at such short notice. And quite where they and Suze would find nurses uniforms at that time of night was a further complication.

Anyway, having adjusted my ultimate fantasy to one that Suze alone could fulfil we began the game.

Asking each other questions and following the instructions on the task cards is something that we both found fun and rewarding. The questions make you think about sexual situations, including the one you are in, playing the game and the tasks force you to pay attention to your partner in a way that you otherwise might not. It’s all too easy not to take that extra time and make that extra effort in a relationship, especially after you’ve been together a while. As with all games this one encourages you to make that extra effort.

No matter how familiar you are with your partner you can always find out more about them. While I don’t think Discover Your Lover taught me anything about Suze that I didn’t know already it did make us talk about sex, laugh and relax in a way that we don’t always give ourselves time to do.

I have to admit that we didn’t gather together the list of items that the instructions stated we might need to play the game. These included shaving foam, a razor, fresh fruit, cream … but don’t worry if you haven’t got these items the game advises you to move on to the next task for which you do have a prop.

I think improvisation is the key to enjoying a game like Discover your lover. To play it to the letter of the rules and follow every instruction word-for-word would be very involved, and not so much fun. We found that with improvisation to get around the tasks we couldn’t perform and embracing the tasks that we could carry out made for an enjoyable evening.

The best advice I can give is to take the rules as your guide, and not to follow them slavishly, relax in a comfortably warm room and let the game enhance your evening of love.

You can buy Discover Your Lover here.

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By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.