Fifty Days Of Play
Fifty Days Of Play

From the title of this post it doesn’t take much for you to conclude if you’ve been listening to the media hype that this game is clearly inspired by the 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon which has been sweeping the globe.

The bold black and white packaging of Fifty Days Of Play alludes to bondage & restraint with a rather attractive couple engaging in Femme Domme play.  She has him under her control using his leather tie.

A promise of what lies beneath perhaps?

The rear of the box gives a brief explanation of the game, explaining that there are “50 invitations for pleasurable adventures for loving couples who want to play”.  A tempting thought and one which promises to add a little spice to your boudoir activities.

Once the lid is lifted you are presented with a stiff plastic liner containing 5 sets of cards each with a different colour ranging from white to black.  Each one of these sets consists of 10 envelopes.  Alongside these is a dice which has 6 different circular colour patches.

You spotted the discrepancy!  Yes there are colour corresponding to the envelopes and an additional one which is pink and gives the roller of the dice free range over the choice of task they wish to have performed for them or on them.

With me?

Seriously, this is a very straight forward game.  You select a card based on the roll of the dice and your lover has to perform the task concealed in the envelope.  No boards to try and lay on uneven surfaces or counters which may move as the board does on the bed.  The game is also not a competitive one which makes for a more relaxed atmosphere although someone with a competitive nature will have to enjoy the thrill of the ride.  😉

At this point I should point out that in low light the yellow and white sides of the dice are virtually indistinguishable so it may not be possible to play this without having the “big light” on.  Lol

As an example of the extremity of the challenges given I will quote one of the “White” task cards.  Wishing On A Star, you write down three wishes that your partner or both of you can fulfil.  A nice way to ease you in to more intense play later.

Eventually you will roll the dice and be required to select a card from the “Black” section.  Don’t worry you aren’t going to be challenged to whip your slave to within an inch of their lives, well not unless you want to do so with the roll of a pink spot.  ;0

I pulled a Black card from the set of 10 and it read “Get Jiggy With It” this turned out to be a suggestion that you slip in some Ben Wa Balls and more importantly, it kinkily suggested that if you didn’t have any to hand you should shop for some.  What a great idea, sex toy shopping together.  Toys aren’t just for singletons.  😉

I’m sure you will agree the concept of this game is simplicity and fun, a few “Task” cards coupled with a bit of your own imagination can lead to lots of naughty fun.

One suggestion I would make is that you read through the cards before embarking upon a few rolls of the dice is that you quickly read through the cards together in daylight hours to discover what you may need to equip yourself with before the game starts in earnest.

For example there are cards referring to rope and vibrators so you may need to check if you have the required equipment before you embark upon your voyage of sexual experimentation.

Initially this game may appear to be one which should be played in an evening but I see this as a Daily Task game.

Why not try slipping a card in to your lovers suit pocket/handbag at the start of the day and eagerly await their return at the end of the day.  Oooh, so naughty and exciting to spend all day anticipating them fulfilling their Task.

What can I say, it’s simple, enjoyable and a great way to spice up both new and long term relationships.  Roll that dice baby!



By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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