Butch Cassidy From Adrien Lastic
Butch Cassidy From Adrien Lastic

As always with Adrien Lastic sex toys the packaging of the Butch Cassidy impresses.  It’s clean fresh and functional, all with a touch of class.

The white glossy outer sleeve is embellished with an image of the contents, not life sized about 2/3  the actual size of the product.  Whilst the rear of the box displays bullet points in multiple languages.  And on the sides, the classic Adrien Lastic name in silver.

Once the sleeve is slipped off the inner pink patterned box reveals the contents of the packaging temptingly through the cellophane product shaped windows.

Adrien Lastic have a flare for bringing not only functional products but innovative ones to the market and we all benefit from that.  🙂

In this instance, the Butch Cassidy rabbit vibrator offers multiple options for clitoral stimulation because it comes with an additional 2 sleeves to encase the clit stim.  Wicked!  What a great idea.

Both “heads” have eyes which make them look just like rabbits, only one of them has a “uni-ear”.  Lol  Such a fun idea.

Included is also a multi lingual and legible manual, also a black satin drawstring storage bag.

I think Adrien Lastic have now found their niche in the adult product market.  This vibrator in particular looks impressive with its distinctive curved base with integral logo and the velvety soft silicone that feels so pleasing to the touch.

But enough of me wittering, I’m sure you want to know what Butch has to offer.

  • 10 x functions and x 10 speeds to tickle your fancy.  😉
  • A 4 x button interface for change of function, speed and an independent On/Off button which is useful for a quick get away.
  • In my experience, uniquely interchangeable clit stimulators for variety and personalisation of your rabbit vibrator.
  • 2 x motors, one in the shaft of the vibrator and the other in the clitoral stimulator.
  • Is ergonomically shaped to facilitate comfortable use and maximise stimulation.
  • Runs on 4 x AAA batteries which are easy to insert in the screw bottomed base.
  • Offers shower resistance for use in the bathroom as well as the bathroom.
  • Has an isertible length of 11.5cm with a maximum circumference of 11cm.


Finished?  Well, I’ve just washed and dried my Butch Cassidy vibrator so let’s see if he lives up to his reputation as an outlaw.  😉

I had already prepared the bedroom, closing the curtains and pulling the window to.  It was warm and inviting as I walked inside, my clothes were soon cast to the floor.

Alfresco play seems to take a back seat for some reason when the seasons change and the jumpers come out of the cupboard.  Lol

Having made the choice to go with the double ears I placed the BC on my bedside cabinet ready for action.

Slipping between the covers clutching the Butch Cassidy made the corners of my mouth turn up.  Naughtiness is second nature to me for some reason but then you all benefit from that side of me.

Opting to go native, I placed the spare heads on my bedside drawers and went in there with the classic double-eared head fitted.  The head of the Butch Cassidy was still warm from the hot water I had washed him in and felt soothing as he parted my labia majora.

The tip of the BC slipped inside me and grounded against my gspot, the clitoral double eared stimulator bent back towards my clitoris perfectly.

I depressed the On button and a few presses of the mode button found an enjoyable pulsation setting.  Pressing the + button added to the sensation but felt a little under powered for me.  Regardless I carried on and with a gentle rotation both left and right I was soon massaging my g-spot and clit at the same time.

At this point I really wished the Butch Cassidy had more horse power because I’m sure my orgasm would have been delivered more promptly.  But that said, it did come to me eventually so all’s well in the end.

The Adrien Lastic Butch Cassidy is a great concept but needs a little more horse power to knock me over.  However, it does provide adequate stimulation for the users who don’t demand industrial strength stimulation to cum. Just be aware that if you do like intense stimulation this isn’t the one for you.






By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.