Anal Sex AdviceWe all love great stories about couples that spent their entire lives together and still loved each other in old age as much as at the beginning of their relationships. But what is their secret? How do they manage to maintain and strengthen their feelings? Here are nine tips for long-term relationships. Thanks to our friends, russian girls online, for providing us with these charming ideas.

1) Go to bed together

Going to bed at the same time does not mean that you need to make love to each other every night. Happy couples often fall asleep together because they want to plunge into each other’s arms before going to bed.

2) Find some common interests

It’s normal if you like football, and your partner loves art. You don’t need to worry that it will build a wall in your relationship. At least if you still share common interests. Passion will not last forever, and you must be sure that your relationship has become something more. If there is no common interest, try to create it. But do not give up your own and stay independent and interesting.

3) Hold hands when going somewhere

Make sure that your relationships are not cold by maintaining body contact for as long as possible. Such a public sign of affection as holding your hands is considered an attribute of real comfort. It is more important to be with your partner than to see sights along the way. Try to hold your hands more often.

4) Trust your significant other and always try to forgive her/him

Obviously, it all depends on the degree of disagreement with your partner, but try to trust and forgive him/her and not to grumble after each quarrel.

5) Focus on what your partner does right, rather than on what he/she does wrong

Approving words and actions are one of the main concepts used in the education of children and even in training animals. A positive attitude is still important in the construction of a full-fledged relationship between adults. Praise him/her when he/she deserves it and try not to pay much attention to what your partner does wrong. You can always find something to criticize. Even if he/she does it right, you may think that it’s too right. It all depends on what you’re looking for, and happy couples are always looking for positive moments.

6) Say “I love you” and “have a good day” every morning

Such piece of advice may seem obvious, but it is important! It gives patience and tolerance to your loved one when he/she is standing in traffic, long queues or when faced with other troubles during the day.

7) Wish each other good night before going to bed

No matter how you feel, never go to bed without saying these words. The phrase “good night” to your partner says that no matter what happens between you – quarrels, misunderstanding, or something else – you want to be in a relationship with him.

8) Call each other

Calling your partner during the day is a good way to prepare for the meeting in the evening and get ready if your loved one has a horrible day.

9) Be proud that you’re together

The line between tenderness and blatant demonstration of feelings is still present, but do not hesitate to show people that you belong to each other. Doing so is always pleasant.

By Alex

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